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How are you feeling?

Tips to help you feel fabulous from women like you!


We all deserve to have our moments of feeling fabulous as much as we possibly can. Feeling fabulous is not something that comes and goes easily and so we have to put the effort in to make it happen. Here are some top tips on feeling fabulous from women like you!

Tip 1: Treat yourself
A new pair of shoes is an instant fix to feeling fabulous, the confidence a few inches of height can give you is extraordinary… Even if shoes aren’t up your street, treating yourself to a luxury which makes you feel great can be a wonderful remedy when your confidence is low or you’re feeling run down.

Some of us feel guilt when treating ourselves without cause, but whether you go to work or are a full time mother you rarely have time to give anything to yourself. That’s why when you are feeling down you should do whatever you need to in order to feel better without a second thought.

Tip 2: Take a shower
Some women recommend taking a long indulgent shower – the kind where you actually have the time to shave your legs – as an easy way to feel fabulous. Showers leave us feeling refreshed and awake, which leads to a rise in our confidence. Whilst many of us shower every day it’s rare that we actually allow ourselves more than 5 minutes in order to truly pamper ourselves. Spending a little more time in there can give you a refreshed mind, not just a refreshed body!

Tip 3: Put on your favourite song
Listening to our favourite song and singing every single word as though our life depends on it is something many of us can admit to at some point in our lives. Scientists have found listening to upbeat music can improve our mood; therefore just putting on the radio could make you feel fabulous in a matter of seconds.

Tip 4: Go out with your friends
Going out with our friends is something that we all do to feel fabulous. Laughter, sharing stories and support is exactly what we get from our friendships with others. For this reason it’s no surprise that a good catch up has the power to brighten our mood and even uplift us in the most negative times. Sharing positivity with each other is infectious and we can’t help but reflect the mood of our friends around us. So if you are feeling fabulous so will your friends… Not to mention it gives you a great excuse to put on your favourite dress!

Tip 5: Eat fruit & veg
Giving our body the correct nutrition can keep us feeling healthy and fabulous. It is important to not only feel mentally fabulous but also physically and deficiencies in key nutrients can have a profound effect upon this. After sneaking in a take away it may feel great at the time but afterwards we are all tinged with a bit of regret. Eating fruit can satisfy our cravings and also make us feel confident we are looking after our body – remember to add some to your shopping list.

Tip 6: Wear perfume
Something as small as wearing perfume can immediately affect how we feel. Smelling nice is something that we associate with attractiveness and confidence. Therefore spritzing our favourite perfume can instantly install these feelings within us and help us feel fabulous in no time.

Tip 7: Exercise
Finally, exercise is a long-term way to make us feel great. It can make us feel fabulous physically by developing our body and keeping us healthy. But it also releases endorphins, which can improve our mood so after each workout we are left feeling fulfilled and happy. Why not set yourself an exercise goal in the network?

Feeling fabulous is not just judged by superficial value, it encompasses your entire mood and self-worth. We might not feel fabulous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we should be able to feel this way for the majority of our lives. It means feeling comfortable in your own skin and personality and embracing yourself and those around you. Feeling ‘fabulous’ is a powerful emotion, yet we deserve to have it as often as possible. You should always be doing as much as you can to feel fabulous!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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