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Feeling emotional? Why you must listen to your needs


We are led to believe that if we are overly emotional it is irrational. For those who are not experiencing it, this is very easily said and whilst we should be able to have some level of control over how we feel this can be difficult. Instead of choosing to ignore our emotions and hoping we will get past it, we should listen to our needs and respond.

Understanding our emotions

Our moods effect how we feel and respond to things in our lives.[Tackling our moods]However interestingly, sometimes we can be unaware of the mood we are in and its cause appears without explanation. Some of us are very attuned to how we feel and are able to isolate the cause and respond to it appropriately. Unfortunately we are not all blessed with such a talent and our emotions seem to rise and fall without our control. We might have days of feeling sad and run down, but with what seems to be without cause. The problem is that we don’t have the time to sit and analyze how we feel and why, and so our needs often go unheard until we reach a breaking point. Without recognizing the cause and effect of our emotions we can never tailor our lifestyle to make us feel the happiest that we can be.

Why we need to listen

Listening to our emotions is vital in maintaining our mental health. This is not to say that everyone who is emotional could end up with depression or anxiety, but not keeping check on our emotions and allowing them to escalate without addressing the situation that is causing them could leave us vulnerable to certain longer- term problems. Feeling constantly emotional could be a sign that you are unhappy with something in your life, or you are being put under some kind of psychological stress.[Effective ways to help reduce stress] It could even be that our lifestyles are unhealthy for our body and our emotions are a sign that we are not keeping up with it. Feeling emotional is a warning sign that we must do everything we can to make ourselves happier.

How you can listen

Understanding our emotions is easier said than done, and sometimes we may need a more active approach in doing so. If you have difficulty recognizing your emotions then recording them in other ways for you to reflect on could be more helpful. Writing a journal or keeping a mood diary is a direct way to analyze your thoughts and events in your life in relation to how you are feeling. It can be much easier to recognize patterns in this way. It may be that your emotions are due to stress in the workplace or your relationship with your friend. Once you’ve identified your cause then you can easily make the change required to remove that from your life. You can add notes onto your eJournal within your profile.

How to be strong

If you have newly discovered, or already knew all along, why you feel so emotional then you must decide how you are going to address your needs. Unfortunately what makes us so upset could be something or someone that we are afraid to cut out of our lives and so we feel helpless in how to feel better. You need to remember that your bodies response to situations in life is for it’s protection and if you are putting yourself in a situation over and over again that provokes these negative feelings, not only do you leave yourself open to a life of unhappiness but you also could have quite a detrimental effect upon yourself. If you are feeling emotional you are not best equipped to deal with what life throws at you and this can dictate the decisions you make and the attention you give to what is around you. We can only truly be focused on the present moment and be grateful for what is around us if we are completely fulfilled within, so to live a life without this can leave you with many regrets.

What you can do

If it is work situations that causes you these problems then you need to evaluate whether your job is worth it. Our work takes up half of our time and for it to not make us happy seems absurd. It could be that an entire career change is necessary, and even though that thought can seem scary, just image what it would be like to have feelings of happiness and content as opposed to feeling unsure and upset. If it is an individual who is provoking this response within you then address it, there is no one out there who is better than you or allowed to toy with your emotions. Whether it’s a co-worker or partner, you are free to say whatever is bothering you. The thought might be scary but what is the worst that can happen? Once you have dealt with the source of your emotions and adjusted to your bodies needs,  you will find the difference in the way you feel dramatically improve. Visit our Self discovery eBooks to find out, via some light hearted reflection, about how to find the love of your life or even your dream job or watch our video series to better understand the power of your intuition and communication skills generally.

Our sensitivity or handling of emotion may be pronounced at various times for many reasons. In order to best help those around us we need to be able to help ourselves, which means we must respond to our bodies needs at all times.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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