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Feeling Heartbroken? Tips for mending a broken heart


The pain of a break-up is one we try to avoid at all costs. We might try to act like we don’t care or start up our search for the next perfect partner; either way we are often still struggling with feeling heartbroken deep down.

Unfortunately, one of the best medicines for a broken heart is time, but since that prospect isn’t always the most appealing, here are 8 top tips for mending your broken heart!

Tip 1- Fill up your time with something not someone

Our first defence mechanism is to replace that person with another as quickly as we can [Signs That You Are On The Rebound] to fill the void of their loss, however, this can be a dangerous thing to do as we are relying on another to live our lives. Instead, throw the time, energy or money into something that you can do independently that benefits you alone. Try to take sole control of what makes you happy [How to feel happier today] and invest in something for yourself.

Tip 2 – Laugh

Call up the friend who you always know can have you in stitches regardless of your mood. Broken hearts hurt and that sadness you feel needs to be distracted from with positive emotions. Laughing can help release hormones that make us feel happy, so even if it is for a short while we can feel some relief from being upset.

Tip 3 – Exercise

Exercise is a great physical and mental relief from a broken heart. It gives you the opportunity to vent your frustration in a positive way whilst also requiring you to actively think about something else other than your break-up. Not to mention the good it will be doing for your body!

Tip 4 – Re–invent

This is a change in your life, not the end of it. Take this opportunity to refresh your life and bring in things that fill it with positivity [5 powerful positive affirmations] and clear out those negative memories. Decorate, or even tidy your house, start a new healthy eating plan or look for a new job. Start to create a new life that you can be happy in without that other person that has been built only by you!

Tip 5 – Set goals

Break-ups can mean that we spend a lot of time looking into the past and feeling heartbroken by replaying those bad memories. This isn’t healthy and is the main thing that stops us being able to move on, therefore we need to find a way we can keep our mind focused on the future. Setting goals is a great way to achieve something for yourself whilst also helping you naturally take steps away from that break-up. Visit our goal-setting network to get started.

Tip 6 – Appreciate

You have lost a big part of your life and it is painful, however, you haven’t lost everything. You still have everything else you have ever worked for still there and intact, so if you can, try to appreciate what is left instead of what is gone. Your job, your friends, your family, your hobbies or your pets are all still there holding together the pieces of your life so make sure you don’t forget them!

Tip 7 – Accept it

There are millions of defence mechanisms we use to hold off the pain that a break-up inevitably makes us feel. The hardest thing to do can be to accept that it is happening as the thoughts that come with it can be upsetting. But the sooner we understand and accept what has happened the sooner we will eventually tire of replaying things and be ready to move forward. Try to tackle the hardest part first and you will find things only get easier.

Tip 8 – Allow love back into your life

We are a world filled with unique beings, and whilst we try to stereotype people off into groups, everybody is completely different. Just because you had a tough break-up with one person, it does not mean the next one is going to share any resemblance. Love is an amazing feeling and when the time comes for you to be ready to meet someone new, don’t shy away from it because one in 7 billion people in the world gave you a bad experience.

There is no pill we can take to mend a broken heart, only methods we can use to make dealing with it that little bit easier. Try to think of a break up as a bump in your journey through life and not the end of it. There are many good things still waiting to happen to you, you just have to move forwards to find them!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.