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A guide to feeling more accomplished everyday


Our accomplishments throughout life are the things responsible for our self-belief and worth. We believe our accomplishments might come in the form of a new job, achieving a degree or buying our first house, however, with these occasions so rare, it is easy for us to slip into a lull where our self confidence drops.

If we can introduce more small achievements into our life then we can feel more accomplished every day.

What is accomplishment?

Many of us believe that accomplishments are things which other people recognise. This is why we tend to use general milestones as a rating of our accomplishments as others can appreciate them. Due to this, we limit our beliefs greatly to match with those of others and we allow other achievements to go unnoticed.

It has even been found that the ‘rewarded’ feeling we get from others’ appreciation of what we have done is only very short lived and doesn’t have any impact on our thoughts or behaviour. The most satisfaction you can get from an accomplishment is feeling proud of yourself. This feeds your internal positive beliefs about yourself and improves your confidence. Therefore, this leaves us with the ability to build our own confidence by determining our own accomplishments.

How can we feel accomplishment?

An accomplishment is something that takes effort and skill, a test of our character that we are able to feel rewarded by if we achieve. Once we redefine the boundaries of what we count as an achievement then we can introduce so many more into our lives.

Completing a new yoga position, getting through all your errands for the day or helping somebody with their shopping, helping others can be one of the greatest ways to feel accomplished – What is more rewarding than being able to change someone’s life for the better?

Don’t wait for opportunities to progress to pass you by; you should constantly be looking for ways to better your happiness [How to feel happier today…] with yourself and your life and so if you don’t feel accomplished now, then start to set some goals to reach for.

It is not the actual achievement that makes us feel proud of commitment but the work by ourselves that went into achieving it. Therefore, the harder you work to gain your achievements, the more contribution it will have to your self worth [31 ways to increase your self-worth], not to mention what the payoff might be in achieving it. Exercising, promotions, new hobbies and new experiences can all lead to a sense of accomplishment.

Through the process of achievements we can learn new things about ourselves that we might never have believed we were capable of. Don’t allow yourself to believe that some accomplishments are out of your reach, embrace the challenge of breaking out of the mould you have set. Once you are able to break one boundary this drive for accomplishment will only increase. There is no shame in looking for ways to develop self-belief and confidence, as an inner confidence is one that radiates from you without it having to be demonstrated and this is only respected and embraced by other people.

The first step to feeling accomplished every day is setting your first goal; visit our Pink Moods Goal Setting Network to get started and have the support of an entire group of women behind you. Once you develop your self worth then you will feel your accomplishments have a lasting effect on your life.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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