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Feeling tired? How to avoid burnout


You are reaching the end of a long holiday free stretch and you find yourself begin to fray at the edges. When you don’t have a spa break booked or any planned sofa days, you need to find a quick fix that can avoid burnout and help keep you going till your next break.

With such hectic lifestyles, we sometimes need to find ways to help rejuvenate ourselves when we don’t have time to stop and rest.

So if we are feeling tired, how do we avoid burnout?

Do you have burnout?
Burnout is a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. Outputting all our energy everyday and feeling under the constant strain of stress without rest depletes us completely. If you feel fragile, on edge and exhausted then the chances are you have experienced burnout.

Like any energy tank, if we are going to use it a lot we have to be prepared to re-fill it too. Yet many women who are juggling lots of priorities rush around every day in order to keep everything up in their lives but seem to forget to keep up themselves too. If this continues it can have a knock on effect to other areas of our lives so that we begin to lose control anyway.

Looking after yourself is absolutely vital in being able to manage life effectively and if you let it slip other things go with it. When this happens you need to know when to take a break and learn how to avoid it happening again.

Women on the move
When we have a routine that is already over-run, finding time for maintaining ourselves might seem impossible. Where can we possibly fit in time to relax? [Checklist for chilling out]

But there are ways of looking after yourself day to day that can help keep burnout at bay if you are unable to sacrifice any free time.

1) Eat and drink well
If you plan on running yourself ragged every day you need to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients and energy it needs to survive. Making sure you plan your eating times and drink plenty of water can help keep tiredness at bay. Running yourself down is likely to make your immune system more vulnerable so you need to look after your body in order to keep healthy.

2) Make time to sleep
Sleep is something that cannot be sacrificed when you are faced with burnout. Everything stops with lack of sleep and will affect everything you do the following day. For those of us who are used to chronic sleep deprivation, attempting to have one good nights sleep could make the world of difference in how well you manage the next day. Feeling tired affects our judgement, motivation, memory, health…the list goes on, that’s why it is absolutely vital you make time for it.

3) Get outside
Exploring the world outside is vital to our well-being, the natural light and keeping away from the computer will do wonders for your state of mind. By moving away from all electronic equipment and stretching your legs you are more likely to gain focus and freedom from your negative thoughts. The more you walk the greater tension is released, you will return with more creativity and energy.

4) Prioritise
If you try to do everything at once you are less likely to be able to do anything. Try and write down a to do list and get organised. Put the hardest job at the top of your daily to do and the rest will be easier as a result. For supportive tools in getting your daily tasks in order visit our organise me section.

Whatever method you choose, take time to take care of yourself. You are important and the only person who can ensure that you are well and healthy is you! Good luck with your workload and we hope that you start to feel less tired and manage to avoid burnout.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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