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Top tips to cheer you up when you are feeling upset


When we feel upset, it can be all too easy for others to tell us to ‘cheer up’ but fail to mention how to do it. If you feel down it can be hard to muster your own strength to turn the situation around and sometimes it would be nice if someone could look after us and tell us what to do.

If you are lacking ideas on how to stop feeling upset here are 5 top tips to try and cheer you up:

Top tip 1 – Speak to someone you love

Just sharing a problem can make such a huge difference to how you feel towards it. Pent up anger, upset and unhappiness [Popular Anger Management Techniques.] will only make those feelings more intense for you.

There isn’t a doubt that the people you love will go above and beyond just listening to your problems, but do anything in their power to try and make you smile again. It is within our nature to share our thoughts and you will be surprised by how much it can help you to cheer up.

Top tip 2 – Make a plan

What caused you to feel upset? Make a pact that you will not allow it to happen again and make a plan on how you can avoid it. Dwelling in the past where we might feel guilt or regret is only going to draw out your feeling of upset, the only opportunity you have to change things now is by looking into your future. Take this chance to help guide you on what you will do differently in the future and try to learn what it has taught you. Things that upset us are only bumps along the road to help us test ourselves. Knowing that you are taking control of the situation will give you the motivation to avoid a similar cause of upset in the future.

Top tip 3 – Treat yourself

Treating yourself should be obligatory whenever you feel upset. It is the simple solution when feeling sad to do something that makes you happy [How to feel happier today…]. It feels natural to immediately turn to the things that make us feel happiest in times when we are low, whether that is a spa trip or a meal out with friends. However, when doing this you must really try to focus on the present moment of enjoyment and not allow yourself to sink back into that unhappy feeling. Head over to the Pink Moods shop and buy yourself a little uplifting gift now.

Top tip 4 – Smile

Just smiling can cheer you up, it shows us that we still have the ability to do so and even though we aren’t yet smiling inside we can take control of this upset emotion and fight it. Smiling is the first step to regaining your happiness over those sad thoughts and has actually been found to increase the feeling of happiness just by doing it.

Top tip 5 – Exercise

Why not put your emotion to good use and sweat it all out in the gym. Exercise releases endorphins, which can help make us happier, alongside the distraction from dwelling on our problem that it provides us with. Exercise is a great release and a healthy way of handling our emotions and giving us time to think rationally, not to mention how good you’ll feel after your workout!

Regardless of what has happened to us, things will always get better, but finding the little things we can do in a bad situation can help to cheer us up that little bit quicker! If you’re in need of some expert advice on how to feel more positive, head over to Video Moods.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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