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Feeling trapped? 5 ways to reclaim your life

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Have you ever felt like there’s something in your life holding you back? You might feel like you can’t progress in your career, but are too scared to leave. You might be in a long-term relationship that has gone stale, and don’t know how to rescue it. You might be a full-time mother, and struggle to find time for yourself. The trapped feeling stems from something being wrong in your life but feeling an obligation to stick to the status quo out of guilt. There are ways to amend the situation without causing too much change to other people’s lives. Remember that your life matters too. Here are 5 steps you can take to reclaim your life.

1) Talk

Nothing gets sorted if no one else is aware. Talk to your boss, partner, family, friends, counsellor or anybody else who can hear you out and offer assistance. Communication is key to maintaining relationships that you believe could be damaged by your desire to change, and can even help you figure out what to do. With work in particular, a good conversation can point you in the direction of career advice, training and promotion options or organised leave. You aren’t alone in this world, so don’t act like you are. However, you can only get help if you are proactive and look out for yourself. If you would rather talk to someone objective and confidentially then book a Skype or phone session with one of our life coaches.

2) Relax

Create designated times for relaxation alone. Aim to have a part of your day where you do nothing but relax, so you can reflect on the day and leave the hectic schedule and workload you keep to alone. This doesn’t involve doing errands or activities for relaxation, such as exercise or household chores, but taking actual rest. Let your body recover, and your mind will follow suit. [Methods for feeling calm & peaceful] Sometimes when our minds become emotionally overloaded and stressed, they trick us into feeling trapped because our management skills are being tested. Relaxing can help you reclaim control and measurement.

3) Explore

Try something you’ve never done before and incorporate it into your week. It could be a club, a class, or a course. Preferably, it has to be something where your progress can be measured. Not only will you feel like you have made a change to your life, but also nothing else will have to change to accommodate it. By improving and practising something new away from your repetitive, mundane routine you will reinvigorate your life.

4) Move

This can be a temporary excursion or a clean break, but moving away from your life as you know it could be the best thing you ever do. Sometimes we feel trapped in our lives because they are so focussed at certain addresses. Your life becomes confined to one small area in the world when there’s so much more to see. If there is toxicity in your life – from your friends to your job to your family to your finances – don’t be afraid to start afresh[How to break free of your unhappy job]. Travelling to a new part of the world can bring some excitement back to your life and help you get a new perspective on how you’re leading your life. Going further than that, starting again somewhere else allows you to rebuild without any attachments to your old life. It sounds drastic, but think about it – your life right now is a result of all the choices you made. Moving away is just another choice. You are in control of your life, no one else.

5) Change

Reinvent yourself if you’re dissatisfied with the person you’ve become. The psychology behind changing physical appearance is to change how you feel about yourself. It’s like a snake shedding its skin – by shedding your old look, your’re shedding the negative behaviours and attitudes of the old you. Clear out your wardrobe, beauty products and furniture[How capsule wardrobing can make your life easier]. Get a new hairstyle and invest in some new hobbies and interests. Go out to different places to make friends with other people. It’s all about cultivating the new image that you like the look of and want to be. You will not be a fraud by doing this. People change throughout life, except you’ll just be transitioning to a new stage of your life quickly rather than gradually. It can be relieving to do the things you felt like doing but never had the confidence to.
Life is not to be lived feeling trapped. If you’ve managed to get yourself into a lifestyle where you feel others control it and not you, then you can get yourself out of it. Being considerate of people and putting them first doesn’t mean they have a hold on you. You have to realise your authority in those situations, then realise the authority you have over yourself.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.