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Gratitude List: Why You Should Write One


When people tell you that the pessimistic outlook to life is the most realistic and more motivational than being optimistic, they are wrong. A strong commitment to optimism is a costless and effective way to get yourself out of tough, emotional times [How to feel happier today…], from bereavement, to recovery, to financial troubles.

The popularity of gratitude lists comes from the idea of addressing your natural instinct to think the worst and flipping it around. Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost and don’t have, you focus on what you’ve gained and what still remains. One small thing that you are grateful for could trigger you to change your life [Why you have the power to overcome any obstacle].

Here are some great reasons for why you should write a gratitude list right now.

You’ve got it better than you think

Sometimes we are unappreciative. This isn’t because we’re selfish or greedy, but because we’ve lost perspective of what’s important amongst the million things in our lives which distract us. We make priorities which aren’t really important in the long run and forget about the simple things that keep us going.

Start your gratitude lists in a simple way by listing the bare essentials you still have, from a home, to clean water, to clothes. Starting from the bottom of your gratitudes and building onto the bigger and better things you have in your life will encourage you greatly.

You can see where in your life you need to contribute more

You might come across as though you’re grateful and realise that you haven’t shown appreciation appropriately in the past. A gratitude list can remind you to give thanks to others for what they’ve done for you and maybe identify gaps in your life where you can improve things further, instead of taking the kindness and dedication of others for granted, even as simple a deed as helping someone out with household chores.

Gratitude breeds giving and pushes you to continue the circle of kindness and hopefully better other people’s lives as well as your own.

You’ll be motivated to carry on

You might have reached a breaking point with life. You’ve hit one of the low points and have decided to give up on the hope of it getting better. Writing your gratitudes down into sections of your life will help you visualise a foundation you can build on and find support from when working towards another high point. Be inspired to keep going, because life comes with many ups and downs.

The only guarantee is that it keeps going, and so can you. If it helps, add illustrations to your list to show where you hope life can improve and add images of comfort. An idea is to structure your gratitudes in blocks to form a house. For an extra boost you could share your gratitude for life and also gain inspiration from other like minded friends in our community.

You have to commit to being grateful and turn it into a source of comfort. Read your list over and over until it is ingrained in your subconsciousness, and read it again every time you have a weak moment of wanting to give up or feeling hopeless [What to do when you feel overloaded].

Be passionate about gratitudes and wax lyrical about them until they give you joy instantly at the thought. It’s easy to forget the great things in our life when so much bad seems to be happening, but they will get you though. Believe that it will get better, and it will.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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