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Grumpy? An action plan for restoring yourself


Grumpy is definitely not an adjective people want to use to describe themselves. We think grumpy, we think miserable, hard to please and generally unpleasant. The trouble with grumpiness is it is one of the more uncontrollable emotions. Grumpiness hangs over us and latches onto everything, from our conversations, our chores, our commutes… everything! When you’re feeling grumpy, there are ways to check yourself. Here’s an action plan to restore the happy you.

Wake up and don’t think

Morning moods are only temporary (unless we let them consume us). Ok, you woke up, you felt drowsy, the lights were too bright for your eyes and you felt a bit sensitive just from regaining consciousness, remember, this is how everybody else feels. Instead of thinking that something as simple as waking up should affect you, don’t think at all. Have a stretch and a yawn and let yourself come to. Listen to music, watch some telly or make some breakfast. Perhaps avoid checking your phone, many people have phone addictions, maybe try to go phone free until lunchtime.

Embrace routine

Force yourself to do something and get into a routine without overthinking  [Daily challenges to boost your confidence]. Grumpiness makes every little thing bother you, when in reality the things are often forgettable or inconsequential. If, for example, you find yourself facing a long queue for service in a shop, you could be grumpy, or you could remember that you won’t care about this queue the next day. Let go of the hiccups everyone has to face in the daily routine. Instead, foster a good routine which will help prevent onset grumpiness such as regular workouts, a passion project, or making to do lists for chores, or even focusing on the positive aspects of your daily job. The better you get at routine, the less time you’ll have to be miserable about it.

Stop forcing yourself to have fun

We get grumpy when we put expectations on ourselves to have fun and can also wrongly blames others for believing they are the culprits of this pressure. Very rarely do people insist that we need to be fun and happy all day, every day; it’s just a trick of the mind. If you’re feeling down for a legitimate reason – an upcoming deadline, an argument or tricky financial situation – don’t go searching for reasons to make yourself even more miserable. Don’t feed the misery by reminding yourself of the fun other people are having. You don’t have to have fun and be in on everything to feel like you’re doing things right. Sometimes you need time to get over being upset.

There’s an unfilled void

Sometimes we get grumpy when our frustrations have no release. Our anger builds and we snap at others but it doesn’t fade [Is anger ever a good thing]. You need something productive to displace your anger. The energy otherwise lies to waste and becomes repressed, making you grumpy. Pursue a passion that you’ve always wanted to pursue and spend a little time everyday practising it.

Grumpiness is what happens when our stresses have been denied and left unmanaged for so long that they become a part of us. They manifest in grumpy moods and affect the everyday approach to life we have. Don’t let this happen to you. Take your stress and confront it [visit our expert advice on video moods for positive strategies forward]. Many other people feel the stress of modern life just like you, and the great news is that it can be overcome.


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