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How Capsule Wardrobing Can Make Your Life Easier


A trend revitalised by the blogging community, capsule wardrobing is becoming a staple part of the revolution towards clean, organised living. Repurposed for a new generation, where excess has reigned and order is needed, the capsule wardrobe could be just what you need to curb your spending, organise your space, and generally make your life easier.

Where did capsule wardrobing start?

The term was originally coined in the 1970s by fashion Susie Faux. Originally a concept used to minimise packing for holidays or to create seasonal looks according to the catwalk, the capsule wardrobe has taken on a life of its own and is now an idea used by many the world over, whether for workwear, sportswear or daily life.

How capsule wardrobing can help you

A capsule wardrobe seems like a simple concept but goes further than you imagine. In can help your organise many areas of your life:

It promotes minimalism – you save space by occupying less in your wardrobe, making your bedroom less cluttered and more inviting, just like a bedroom should be. If you are finding your home is cluttered then download our checklists and planners for Spring cleaning your home effectively.

It encourages you to improve your budgeting – by being forced to focus on what you wear most and what clothing purchases have been a waste, you are able to save money which can be budgeted for other more important things. If you need help with budgeting generally, then download our digital budget planner.

It improves your fashion taste – reducing your amount of clothes means you have to think carefully about which clothes are the most versatile and match well with other items, meaning your outfits on a daily basis tend to be better matched.

It saves you time in the morning – the more you get used to the amount of items in your wardrobe, the quicker you can get dressed every day, which gives a few extra minutes every morning. [The best tools for time management] 

It encourages you to maintain organisation of in life areas – with a tidy wardrobe comes a tidy mind.

How to capsule wardrobe

To start, take out every piece of clothing, accessory and pair of shoes in your wardrobe. Clear out all pieces that you barely wear or have never worn at all – and be honest. Don’t say you intend on wearing it, because in reality you would have by now.

From here, you ideally need to pick between 30 and 60 pieces. Whatever number you decide on depends on how many of one type of item you want or need (for example, do you need more skirts and trousers for the office, and less leggings for lounging?). This can related to what kind of job you have, what hobbies you enjoy, and the different weather conditions or related situations you face most. Most women’s wardrobes exceed over 100 pieces, so at most keep it under 100. You can also include underwear and sleepwear if you want to be exceedingly minimalist!

After assembling your capsule wardrobe, you can then store away clothes which you still want to keep but would be more suitable for another season or you have simply worn too much. These can be swapped in for other pieces as you go should you wish.

Need help or inspiration?

If you’re struggling with deciding how to put your wardrobe together, you can use apps like Pinterest or the photo album on your phone to assemble a visual depiction of your wardrobe, or take inspiration from other people’s wardrobes.

A capsule wardrobe ultimately promotes resourcefulness and a sensible approach to life’s necessities. Capsule wardrobing helps to simplify one aspect of your life which can then inspire you to simplify others. Starting with the wardrobe, you can move on to books, furnishings or craft materials. Get stuck into your wardrobe and watch the daily stresses of tidying up and organising start to decrease. If you struggle with getting organised generally join our site for tips and strategies to make life that bit simpler.


Photo Credit: Copyright: lighthunter / 123RF Stock Photo

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