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Challenge your Mindset

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How to accept yourself today


Some of us are severe self-punishers. We never seem to give ourselves a break about anything. The pessimistic outlook slowly works its way into things we were actually doing well until the quality really declines. There’s no quick way to solve such bad self-esteem  but sometimes we need quick fixes for certain days. Those are the days where no matter how much we feel we aren’t good enough, the world won’t care or wait on us. Hopefully these little techniques can help you get through today.

The mirror vs the photograph

Face your image as it is today when you wake up, then compare it to one of the past. At the point the chosen picture was taken you might have been in a better place, or a worse place, but either way it isn’t the place you are in now. You only have your current image existing as something to work with. Learn to let go of any version of you in the past, and with it let go of the past completely. We often attach ourselves too much to times of trouble and regret, because blaming ourselves makes us feel like we understand why things happened the way they did. This stops you moving on and living in the present, which is all you’ve got to work with. Work with it.

Welcome the pain

Don’t try and push those negative feelings down until they leave you depressed. Channel your frustration and disappointment into something as energy. Do some exercise, cook a big meal, or completely tidy and maybe redecorate a room. Place your focus into something that requires serious effort to do, but that anyone can accomplish. [How to feel accomplished everyday] You’ll feel much better, because you’ll have achieved something today and felt a sense of purpose.

Feel the love

Call up someone you love and ask them about their day. [Why we don't phone each other anymore] Don’t talk about yourself, but listen to them and perhaps even talk them through with something they are struggling with. Talking with loved ones is always comforting, but talking them through a problem not only serves you in achieving something, but will make you realise everyone has difficulties too. You might not accept yourself, but think about the many others who face issues like yourself and try to persevere. Try to be inspired and remember that if nobody accepted themselves, nothing would get done.

Get brave

Take time in your day to write about something you once did wrong in your past. It could have happened last week or ten years ago. Go into detail of how it made you feel and what you tried to do after. Work all those emotions into writing, then throw it away however you want. Get rid of it. Confronting something we did wrong when alone helps us to realise that we can’t change it, more so than if we confronted the problem with someone whom it affected. We could be reassured and forgiven by anybody, but it’s us who can’t accept it ultimately, not them. Face it completely then let it go. [The benefits of letting go of negative thinking]

Lack of acceptance for yourself often stems for a memory or emotion repressed. All these points link to the past, and how the past affects our future. The past is only valuable if you take something educational or positive from it. If the past gives you neither, it doesn’t have value. If you are still struggling with your confidence then  join our site for just £9.99 and get advice to inspire you all the year round.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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