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How to attract a life that you will love


Have you caught yourself using words such as coincidence, serendipity, fate, karma, everything fell into place, out of the blue!? Well, you’re experiencing the Law of Attraction in your life.

The Law of Attracting has been around and documented since ancient times. Jesus said ‘whoever asks receives, whoever seeks finds, and to whomever knocks, the door will be opened.’ Buddha said ‘We are what we think. With our thoughts we make the world.’ The Law of Attraction states ‘I attract into my life whatever I focus my attention and energy on, whether negative or positive.’ It’s based on the principle that our inner thoughts and feelings, known as vibration, creates everything we see and experience in our outer world. The more we concentrate on changing our inner reality, the faster we’ll see new and amazing results in our outer reality! As, the words we use form our thoughts, our thoughts affect our feelings (our vibration) equalling our RESULTS.

So, whether it’s something positive or something negative you’re attracting, it’s because of the Law of Attraction, which is operating twenty four seven in your life whether you’re aware of it or not, believe in it or not.

Everyone is constantly emitting a vibration, which is a mood or a feeling, sending signals to the Universe by their thoughts, affecting everything in their life either positively or negatively. Positive feelings include gratitude, appreciate, love, joy and bliss. Negative feelings include disappointment, sadness, anger, stress, guilt, shame and blame. All these feelings send a positive or negative vibration.

So, what’s the reason we attract what we DON’T want? Well, every time we focus our attention and energy on what we DON’T want it causes us to send a negative feeling, known as a negative vibration, which the obedient Law of Attraction responds to and matches, bringing what we DON’T want.

So, how do we attract what we DO want?

Our WORDS form our THOUGHTS, what we think.

Which in turn causes us to send a FEELING, a vibration, which is either negative or positive, and we know which by what is showing up in our life, as…

The obedient Law of Attraction matches our feeling/vibration, bringing more of the same, equalling our RESULTS.

So, in order to get different RESULTS we need to send different FEELINGS, ie positive.

To send positive feelings, a positive vibration, we need to have different THOUGHTS.

This in turns means we need to use different WORDS.

To use different WORDS we need to become aware when we’re giving our attention to what we DON’T want and flip our focus by asking ‘What do I want instead?’

So, if we become aware we’re thinking ‘I’m carrying extra weight, I’m fat, not good enough, not thin enough, I don’t want to gain weight’ and ask ‘So, what do I want instead?’

I want to be in my ideal fit body.

Then the words change. Then we deliberately give our attention to our new thought and focus our attention and energy on ‘I’m in the process of attracting my ideal fit body.’ We’re focusing on what we want and the unquestioning law of attraction brings us more of the same.

Saying that, we need to know what we actually DO want. Then, guess what, our life will start to change.

So, the three step process to attract a life you’d love is Ask, Attention, Allow:

1. Ask for what you want with clarity.

2. Attention to what you DO want and off what you DON’T want by moving through your day deliberately focusing your attention and energy on what you want.

3. Allow what you want into your life by becoming an evidence seeker that what you want, or anything that makes you feel good, is showing up in your life. Negativity comes in the form of resistance, doubt, fear, limiting beliefs and counteracts the Law of Attraction doing its work. The lower the negativity the quicker we attract what we want into our life. One way of eliminating negativity is to look for, celebrate and record the evidence in a journal, spiral pad or diary so you can monitor your progress that what you want is starting to show up in our life. This in turn causes you to focus more attention and energy on what you want and anchor in our success.

Remember, the Law of Attraction states ‘I attract what I focus my attention and energy on whether negative or positive,’ so focus on gratitude, appreciation and success and you’ll attract more to feel grateful, appreciative and successful about, as the unquestioning Law of Attraction matches and sends back what you focus your attention and energy on. . . .

If you want to further develop your positive thinking to attract a life that you will love, visit Video Moods.


Madeline Corr

The belief that I can create my reality enabled me to turn my life around and move towards creating amazing relationships, a lovely home, my ideal body, a fulfilling career and thriving business. Having raised a family and worked in business for over thirty years I decided to combine life experiences, research and knowledge of the Law of Attraction and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help others bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


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