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How to be an effective leader


There are the tough bosses, kind bosses, intimidating bosses, honest bosses…we all have our own opinions about what we like best. But when it comes to becoming a leader, how do we know what approach to take. Rather than take on a persona, what we should be doing is think about what skills and values we really need to have in order to succeed. Here is a guide on how to become an effective leader:

Be authentic

First of all, being a leader is not just title and an increased salary – you need to offer something unique to the role that others cannot give. Being authentic is therefore essential to effective leadership; to be authentic means being reliable and genuine. Hiding behind a mask will not generate a following that is inspired or committed to your vision. Be prepared to open up and share honestly with your staff. People after all buy into other people more than anything else, they will see through those who do not say what they mean and don’t mean what they say.

Take responsibility

Mistakes happen and as a leader it is your role to take 100% responsibility for every single one of them. You will be nurturing the team and inspiring them towards your vision, if they are not meeting expectations you must take control of the situation and work towards solutions.

Allow yourself to develop

Alongside business growth, a leadership role allows you to personally develop further. Although it is very easy to stick to your strengths, further expanding your knowledge and learning will only improve your effectiveness as a leader. This means being open to thoughts and suggestions from others, ultimately you will make the final decisions but taking on other opinions will help you to learn and grow.

Learn from mistakes

Even the best leaders are human and make mistakes; it’s almost impossible to make flawless decisions.[Why does failure come before success?] Showing others how you deal with those mistakes is what really gains you respect. Trying to hide or pass off your mistakes will make others doubt the honesty of your character. It’s extremely difficult to have to accept our problems in front of an audience, but moving on and making the best of a mistake is just as valuable as not making any mistakes at all.

The perfect recipe

The qualities required for being a leader are a balance of outer and inner conviction. Demonstrating positive qualities, whilst showing an underlying strength is essential.

The first quality is confidence, you have to believe in the reason that you have been elected as a leader, weakness is immediately spotted and unfortunately can be taken advantage of. [Learning to be assertive] The next quality is to be inspiring, a leader is somebody who LEADS others in such a genuine or passionate way that it creates other leaders. A leader also needs to be positive, being able to inspire others can collectively lift a team and cause them to achieve so much more. This requires communication, which underpins the most important skill of any effective leader. You need to be able to run a team, delegate, coordinate and ensure that instructions are clear. With more than just yourself to be responsible for it’s also important that you stay organised.

If you would like some guidance on how to become an effective leader, or are struggling with your leadership style then visit one of our problem solving videos or speak to our life coaches for guidance and help on being the best version of you.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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