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How to Be At Your Best More of the Time


Everyone has a time in their life where they’ve fell short of expectations because they’ve not been quite at their best. It can be very frustrating, because you know how good you usually are and haven’t taken the chance to prove it at a pinnacle time. We can’t be at our best all of the time – nobody’s perfect – but there are steps you can take or check that you’re taking to ensure you can be at your best more of the time. Here are some simple tips:

Earlier Nights, Earlier Mornings

Having enough sleep – and sleeping to circadian rhythms – is crucial for your frame of mind [8 habits of the sleep deprived]. Being tired is a huge blow to being at your best. You’re more prone to making mistakes and not being in check of your emotions. As pressured as you feel, it isn’t smart to work into the night, because you will most likely turn in a sub-par effort, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid.


A small break, even for just 60 seconds, gives your brain the chance to recover, reboot and carry on with the task at hand. Just like not getting enough sleep, not giving yourself the chance to take breaks will cause fatigue to set in and stops you from being at your best. You’ll find yourself becoming more mechanical and less inspired. Stop thinking of breaks as lazy or a bad management of time, but more as periods to be creative. Use your lunch hour as a chance to reflect on your work and think of ways to do things differently. The quality of your work will undoubtedly increase.

Staying Mindful

We often fall into traps of working hard on something that isn’t worth the effort, because we’re too busy getting on with things and not mindful enough to question why. One of the biggest benefits of practicing mindfulness is how it can help you relocate purpose and decide on what needs prioritising [The benefits of living a mindful life] Don’t judge things solely on how quickly you can do them or how they benefit others, but on how much value they have to you. Being at your best is about making yourself happy as it is about impressing others.

Less Caffeine and Sugar

A coffee and cake can be a quick pick-me-up but the perk never lasts long enough. A dependence on caffeine and sugar can seriously indent on your productivity, and the more you consume, the harder it is to maintain its effects. Energy crashes and lack of concentration aren’t signs of being at your best. It’s time to kick bad habits and practise delayed gratification. You might not see the benefits of sticking to water and vegetables at first, but the more you dedicate yourself to this lifestyle, the more consistent your concentration and energy levels will become.

Better Time Management

You might love to make list after list, but they’re no good if you don’t stick to them. It is often the case that people lose their sense of organisation when stress takes over. If a deadline looms over them or a significant event is approaching, they throw structure out the window to prioritise it. A little pressure can be a good thing, but panicking causes you to drop below your best. Thoroughly plan your days out according to length of task and importance and stick to it. In fact, the more planned you are, the easier you’ll find it to change plans should you need to .Find planners and checklists to declutter your mind and day and also digital organisers for all aspects of your life in organise me.

Being at your best for more of the time comes down to looking after yourself. It’s backwards logic to put your health and well-being on the backburner in order to prove yourself to others. This attitude is ultimately counter-productive and will lead to a higher ratio of failures to successes. Take care of your body and organise your thoughts in order to be at your best.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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