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Challenge your Mindset

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How to be confident when facing work challenges


Reasons to be confident

Confident people inspire confidence in others and this is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success, especially at work. It also gives you the energy to pursue your goals and the ability to be resilient and overcome difficulties.

Confidence is a state of mind and is extremely important as it impacts in almost every aspect of your lives. It is personal empowerment and enables you to have a sense of certainty in your ability to achieve. If you present yourself with confidence people are drawn to you. By building relationships and communicating with conviction others will trust you, respond to you positively and opportunities will flow your way. Confidence is like a magnet.

The good news is that self-confidence can be learned and developed and we have the inner resources to achieve this. Working on your own self-confidence is well worth the effort! Visit our Video Moods section for some bite sized tips.

Building self confidence

(Gradual steps on how to become confident at work)
One of the most powerful ways of developing your confidence that can be used in any situation is to use the coaching and NLP technique called “Circle of Excellence” that allows you to gain control of your emotional state and will influence your behaviour. By “anchoring” your emotional state you will be able to present yourself confidently in any situation.

To create your “Circle of Excellence” follow the instructions below.

1. Stand up and visualize a circle on the floor in front of you big enough to step into.
2. Take a few moments to relax and breathe deeply.
3. Think about an experience when you felt really confident about something. Notice how you feel, what you can see, smell and hear to make the experience very strong.
4. When the feelings are at their strongest step into the circle and continue to intensify the feelings.
5. Choose a word or phrase to elicit the state you are in.
6. Before the feeling subsides step out of the circle and shake the feelings away to return to your neutral state.
7. Repeat this process and practice to elicit the powerful sate to enable you to be confident whenever you need it.

• Think about what’s important to you, and where you want to go.
• Confident people embrace new opportunities and challenge themselves.
• Be aware of your how you present yourself. Walk and talk with purpose. Dress appropriately.
• Accept that you don’t know everything and have a willingness to learn and admit when you need support.
• Choose your language carefully and be more assertive.
• Build relationships and take an interest in your colleagues.
• Use positive self-talk.
• Focus on your strengths and abilities and acknowledge your achievements.
• Admit your mistakes and learn from them.
• Keep a journal. Note down your successes and use the information as a template to build your confidence.

Daily Tips

(A few daily action points for being strong and confident in the workplace)

• Never underestimate the power of a smile.
• Move around your workplace with purpose.
• Speak up. Contribute your ideas and views.
• Keep eye contact when speaking to your colleagues.
• Accept praise graciously.
• Set small goals, and achieve them. Try our goal setting network for this.
• Practice your “Circle of Excellence”


Kate Darbyshire Evans

Kate is passionate about working with women who want to make lasting and significant changes. As a qualified Personal and Business Coach, Kate is a Licentiate Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists. She holds a Degree in Fashion and a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching, with over 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry, coaching and developing individuals and teams. Kate’s passion for building resiliencies as a result of having personally experienced major life-changing events and understands we all need support from time to time to meet the challenges life sometimes throws our way. Kate offers coaching for individuals and businesses and holds workshops for personal development and training as well as writing articles and speaking at events about her story and her passion for building resilience.


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