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How to be energised to fight for your dreams


There are stages to making your dreams come true – and they are a lot like falling love

The first stage is a rush of excitement. You have set your heart on where you want to be in the future and can’t take your mind off it. You have the right kind of nervous energy, and you get busy making plans to make sure the future you envision will happen.

The second stage is consolidation. You’re settling down, sure of what you want and more knowledgeable in how to get there. You’re working steadily and have long been set on the path to the future you want.

The third stage is make-or-break. Just like a relationship, you’re hitting rough patches and your momentum is starting to slow. The temptation to let go and pursue something easier with less commitment is growing, and the future you always saw is fading out of view.

So, how do you fall back in love with your dreams? When the going gets tough, it would be such a shame to give up when you’ve come so far. Here are some ways to get energised to fight for your dreams.

Remember why the present isn’t good enough

Getting the energy to fight for your dreams is hard when the present drains you so much, so work to change your present. As traditional and simple as it is, make a list of what makes you unhappy in the present – be it your career, home, finances, etc. – and keep these points in mind.  Copy the key points onto note paper and stick them in places where you struggle to get motivated. [Excellent or average which one are you?]  Dreams are, after all, the gateway to futures. They often come to you without much effort when you’re dissatisfied with the present.

Break the dream down

A dream can be so complete and detailed when you think of it, but placed in reality it can feel overwhelming. The dream can’t come true all at once, so breaking it down into manageable tasks that gradually bring you further will make it feel more possible. The more doable you make your dreams, the more energised you’ll be to fight for them. Answer the questions in our Time Machine that will keep  you on track of your progress with timed emails to track you.

Trust your struggle

In times of serious lack of energy, when you’re demotivated and uninspired, recall the times you overcame something that made you feel weak or powerless. Most struggles are temporary and are there to test just how much you’re willing to fight for something. Don’t look at the journey to your dream with tunnel vision, only becoming aware of an obstacle when you face it. Take a bird’s eye view and you’ll see that there are many peaks and troughs. [The power of visualisation in making your dreams come true]

Get inspired by people who achieved their dreams

No one would bother entertaining a dream if there weren’t people the world over who had made their dreams come true. There has to be somebody who reaches the pinnacle – who gets the Nobel Prize, who wins the gold medal, who becomes the leader of the country – and if they all said to themselves they couldn’t do it, nobody would have. Silence the negative voice inside you and get inspired by the people who fought for their dreams and won. [ Download the journey to the new you e-books].

Ultimately, when you fight for your dreams, the reward is much sweeter than trading it in for something easier, yet mediocre. The things that you’re proud of achieving are often the product of perseverance and self-love. Have faith in yourself, and you’ll be energised to fight for your dreams.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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