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Challenge your Mindset

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How to challenge your inner negative voice that tells you no!


Most of the time the thing that stops us doing what we want is ourselves. External factors can be used as excuses, but anything can be possible with the right frame of mind. We just need to learn how to shut down the negative voice in our heads, and take on a positive voice that says yes to everything…

The negative voice

The negative voice in our head is often the one that rears its head in a time where we could be tested. In work or relationships, it throws in self-doubt that can sometimes make us steer clear of new things, so we say no. The negative voice isn’t a sign of weakness; it is just a defence mechanism we use in order to protect ourselves from hurt or failure. But sometimes it’s important for us to experience these things in order to learn and make ourselves more [Resilience bouncing back when life is a challenge]. The negative voice can also come from a negative experience in the past that has made us lose faith in ourselves. If your boss has turned down an idea? Or an ex partner has hurt you in the past? This can all contribute to the way you might address situations in the future, so you need to learn to train your mind.

How to change your thinking

So how do we change that negative voice to a one that says yes? Getting rid of that negative voice means changing the way we feel about ourselves. If we doubt our abilities, is that not just because we have never had a chance to prove them? Change that feeling into something that is changeable, if you feel you are terrible with commitment; think that you just haven’t been in a situation where you have felt committed, because then it shows you are willing to say yes to that situation. Saying yes also means accepting any difficulty that may come your way instead of bottling it away. Things won’t go our way the whole time, but as long as we are willing to take whatever eventually it comes to then we can lead our lives more positively.

What it can do

Once you begin to say yes, you will find that your life will be open to many new experiences. That competition at work that you’ve always been to scare to join, or that class in the gym you thought you weren’t fit enough for. One possibility opens the door for another, and with each you will learn something that will slowly make the positive voice become the natural one. Initially you have to enforce your positive thoughts by being mindful of when the negative voice begins to take over, but after a while it will eventually become a more natural process.

If you are having difficulty getting past your negative thoughts then watch one of our videos that can take you through how to get rid of those emotions that inhibit you from doing what you really want, and the ways to start encouraging the more positive feelings about yourself.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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