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How to feel loved


It is a guarantee that we all have somebody who loves us; parents, siblings, friends, partners and even acquaintances. Yet in a world filled with so much love we are still vulnerable to moments where we feel unworthy or deserving as though nobody feels that way towards us.

Knowing that someone loves us is the basic fuel for life and without it we can never truly be happy, to discover how to feel happier read here.

Here are 10 ways on how to feel loved:

1. Make more connections

The more relationships you have in your life, the more loved that will be shared to you. You can never have enough positive, caring relationships and keeping yourself preoccupied with these friendships [The gift of friendship] will mean that you never have to go a second without feeling loved.

2. Open yourself up

Sometimes the key to receiving love from the people around you is to open up. Wearing your heart on your sleeve makes those who are more guarded feel more comfortable in doing so themselves. In order to receive the love you want, you also have to give a little yourself!

3. Appreciate those around you

You don’t have to seek new love to feel loved; sometimes all it takes is appreciating the people you have around you who give you that support every day. It can be easy to take people for granted who have always been in your life, and so when taking time to truly consider what they contribute it can be overwhelming to think about how much you need them and are grateful that they are there.

4. Give back to others

There might be such a thing as unrequited love, but most of the time love only comes to those who are willing to give it back! So spend some time giving your love to others and you will find it soon comes back in return. Start by supporting the goals of other women in the Pink Moods network. By sharing your love and support you never know how it might be repaid.

5. Learn to love yourself

Part of feeling loved comes from the ability to love yourself. If you are unable to do this you will never feel truly fulfilled, as you will never be able to accept the love others give to you. If you do not feel as though you deserve your own love, how are you expected to deserve the love of others?

6. Join a community

Love doesn’t have to come to us directly; it can also be felt from being part of a community of people. This could be anything from your family to the Pink Moods community where mutual love is given and received by everyone who is part of it. Being part of a team, club or group united by a purpose can give an extremely powerful feeling of love and belonging.

7. Fall in love

What better way to feel more loved, than to fall in love itself? Having one person who will provide unconditional support, love and devotion in our lives can be all we need to feel loved for the rest of their lives. Although the pursuit of love might take a little longer than we sometimes hope, the reward of being in love is always worth it!

8. Surround yourself with loving people

Surrounding yourself with draining, negative people will always leave you feeling hollow. In order to feel more loved you need to find people who are willing to give it instead of take it away.

9. Communicate

Just speaking to someone whom you know you are loved by is enough to restore the feeling. A friendly voice that can make you feel warm again when you have felt distant is a simple yet effective way of topping up your love tank in no time!

10. Have confidence

Just because you are not receiving love at this moment, does not mean that the loving relationships in your life have disappeared. Have confidence that whatever you’re doing and wherever you are that you are constantly loved by those who mean most to you. Just feeling lucky to have those people in your life should be enough to make sure that you can feel loved whenever you need it.If you need supportive tips on building your confidence then subscribe to our Video Moods series.

Love doesn’t always have to be demonstrated through physical affection and can simply be delivered by the thought of somebody special in our lives. As long as we are reminded of what we have around us we never have to go a day in our lives without feeling loved.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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