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How to feel worthy of your success


Everyone’s successes come at different point in their lives and it might take some longer than others to find what they can become successful in doing [5 ways to find your hidden talent].

Whilst some of the lucky ones see their successes at a young age, others may take a little longer and during this time there might have been occasions where their confidence has been knocked or they have had multiple failures [3 warning signs that you’re heading for a failure]. Therefore, when the time does come for them to be successful in something that they do, they no longer feel as though they are worthy of having that success.

Take it whilst you can get it

It takes time to find our niche, but when we do we need to hold onto it and work at it as hard as we can. Everyone deserves and will have a way of achieving success; it is just finding where it lies.Often there are brands of ‘successful people’, making others feel as though they are not able to achieve the same because they do not fall into that bracket. So much so that when their time comes around the success they might be experiencing makes them fearful and could even cause them to push it away as they are not ‘worthy’.

Finding what brings you success is not only some good luck that should be embraced, but it also doesn’t happen accidentally. When the opportunity comes for you to be successful you should always say ‘yes’ as it’ll come to be something you are regretful for later on.

Everyone is worthy

If you do not feel worthy of your success, it could be due to things that have happened in the past that have caused you to doubt your own abilities. Other people may have achieved things that you did not and so you resigned yourself to just being normal. Everyone who starts out is equal, sometimes others just discover their abilities and subsequent successes quicker. It would be too perfect if everybody could become successful from the first risk or endeavor they take, and for some it might even take 20 years! Whilst it might take time to adjust to this new change in your life it does not mean you don’t deserve it as others do. ​

Building your confidence

In order to build your confidence you need to first accept that you have found something you are talented at and accept that you are talented. If you can’t recognise your skills in something then you are not able to develop them. Accepting that there is a chance you could have success at something is the first step in building up the confidence to feeling worthy of when that success happens.

When it does, understand that you being yourself has caused you to be successful, and you do not need to change into anybody else now you are a successful person. We might view people who are successful as having certain characteristics to their personality that we believe are necessary of being a success, and some try to embody these in order to emulate success as they feel that being themselves is not good enough.

Understanding that it is the real you that has caused you to become successful can be a hard thing for people to grasp. Am I good enough? Why me?

Success only comes to those who earn it, and if you have it then you have earnt it for what you are. Let this be the message you continue to tell yourself whenever you have doubt! If you want further advice on becoming more confident, sign up and watch one of our videos [Video Moods].

We are all worthy of our own success as we made it ourselves, there is no such thing as a successful subgroup of people; only those who have found their opportunities sooner!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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