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How to find your inner Zen.


What is Zen? Essentially, it is achieving a meditative state in which your mind becomes clear and encourages your use of your intuition. It sounds perfect, but how do we achieve it?

We have all admittedly attempted meditation at some point to relieve stress; resulting in us awkwardly sitting cross legged in our bedrooms noticing how loudly our clock ticks… But achieving inner zen is so widely supported as a cure for stress, why not give it another go?

Here are some ways to achieve it:


Yes, we breathe every day, but use a deep breath as a way to pause your life and think. This time in between the input from the world and your reaction can be so useful in producing the best possible response to a situation. If you are feeling angry and are about to vent, breathe, assess whether this will give you relief, or leave you walking away feeling negative and bitter. The time you give to breathe could be the time you choose to think there is more to life.

This goes for any argument. Even in situations where someone asks something of you, instead of parroting yes or no, breathe and think about the decision ahead of you before you choose to respond. This may save us from reflecting on painful situations where we think ‘why did I say that?’, ‘why don’t I think before I speak?’ and breathing gives you that possibility. Thinking will leave you with no regrets, as you will always know you were in your right mind when you made a decision and eventually this will become second nature.


‘Why does everyone always advise us to forgive?, it’s not as simple as that’. But actually, it is. The anger, upset, hurt you feel towards someone isn’t hurting them nearly as much as it’s hurting you.

Reliving negative feelings festers like a wound that extends much beyond the initial painful event. Clean the wound and let it heal and the damage will go away. Keeping it open will only keep hurting and can affect other aspects of your life. Along with this comes surrounding yourself with positive people [5 behavioural traits of positive women]. Everyone slips up and makes mistakes but those who continuously promote bad feeling among us should be forgiven, but can also be distanced. You have to forgive them in order for the pain to stop, but it’s in your hands as to whether you let it happen again.


Busy, hectic, frazzled: Stress. Purely by trying to satisfy all areas of our lifestyle we are put under immense pressure that affects all our judgements and rarely leaves us any time to relax. Just because there is a gap in your schedule does not mean it has to be filled. If you have a lunch date, class, appointment, just cancel it. Inevitably we will be rushed by children and work, but in places where we have control, simplify the process as much as possible. Recognize what IS comfortably achievable rather than what you THINK should be achievable. Constantly rushing from place to place in life doesn’t give us any time to sit down and reap the benefits for all the effort we put in. To help to simplify your life try our digital organiser to ensure that you only allocate the time that you need to for tasks that you don’t like and for daily encouragement with your to do list!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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