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How to find your perfect job


The old ‘work, consume, die’ rhetoric is exactly that: old. Whilst it holds true that your occupation is
one of the most defining qualities of your life, that is the reason why you can’t just work to survive.
You need to work to live. Rid your self of the silent-era mentality – we aren’t amidst world war –
and be proactive about finding your perfect job.

Step 1: Know what you like

Do you hate the office? Can you feel all those fondant fancies rippling through your fat cells as you
cycle endlessly through Excel documents that are blurring in your bloodshot eyes? It might be time
for you to move on. You know what environments and arrangements suit you best, and whilst
settling for a job to get money quickly might sound sensible to you, it disregards your opportunity
to pursue a career. It’s a birthright to work towards a life you want, and being in the way of yourself
is actually stupid, not sensible. No job is ever secure, so stop wasting time in your imaginary
comfort zone and have a go.

Step 2: Find out who you are

Psychometric testing is available to anyone with an internet connection. Test your abilities and
knowledge to find out what your strongest skills are and look into what kind of careers they match.
Ask your friends and family to name your most helpful and resourceful attributes. Careers advice is
also available on the internet and beyond, from HR departments to unemployment centres to job
boards to network forums. If you need more tailored advice on understanding your values and what
drives you, then download our free eBook from award winning experts with worksheets to discover
your secret potential.

Step 3: Build your CV

You’re never beyond improvement. Believing you are entitled to higher positions on age and life
experience will halt your career progression. Career-specific qualifications and references are
essential – it’s not what you know but who you know. Apply for appropriate placements or looking
into shadowing and mentoring schemes in order to gain contacts and build evidence for your
suitability to your dream role. If it looks like you may need to re-enter education, look into
pathways available to mature students (some might even be available at your current workplace)
and see if they can accommodate you regarding commitments you may have, for example part time
enrolment or night classes. If you get an interview, don’t panic! Here are 21 interview tips
to get you through.

Getting your perfect job requires perseverance and patience. You can get there eventually, but it
won’t happen quickly and nor should it. Take as much time as you need to learn about and develop
in your desired career path, and know that you can get there if you try. Work is a necessity, but it’s
also a lifestyle. You only get one life, so go for it.

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This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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