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How to identify positive people


Defining a positive person isn’t straightforward. A positive person isn’t always smiling and laughing, acting as the centre of attention, wearing bright colours and talking gushingly about every little thing as though it is the best thing in life. Positivity, and likewise negativity, is a holistic quality that is practised in every aspect of a person’s life, and it can be practised quietly (although loud and proud positive people are wonderful too!).

Bringing yourself to a point of balanced positivity is difficult. Negativity can be ingrained in us as a natural reaction that always seems to subconsciously win out [How to challenge your negative voice]. You can however, get there, and the easiest way is to be around positive people. Here are the four signs to look out for to identify positive people:

Finding humour in every situation

Life is full of contradictions and its meaning based on how we deal with those contradictions meaningfully. There is comedy with the sadness, and there is sadness with the comedy. Positive people choose to embrace the comedy, while accepting that sadness must too exist [The art of acceptance article]  Finding the humour in all situations – be it an embarrassing accident or a funny story about a loved one who has passed – means you are finding the happiness within it. By not taking yourself too seriously, you’re giving yourself to enjoy life at every opportunity.

Having the correct ‘happiness quota’

Positive people possess the secret to genuine happiness. They know exactly what makes happiness enduring and productive, and are committed to practising their knowledge. They know better than to find happiness in material wealth and competing with other people, as it has no ultimate meaning. Their happiness quota is filled by the simplicity of life and the love they have for others. By keeping that in mind throughout their days, they never fail to maintain a consistent level of peace and contentment.

Prioritising the right things in life

Positive people are often the best decision makers, because they are better at appreciating the present moment and trying to control it as best as they can. They don’t let their aspirations take over their mind when they are still too far to reach, and they discount the opinions of others who are being unhelpful or don’t matter. By prioritising the wellbeing of what is most important in every moment, they ensure that the best decisions are made. This means they are normally better at keeping relationships intact and creating harmony. To help prioritise what is important in your life join our club and use our planning and organisational tools.

Seeing solutions and challenges, rather than obstacles and problems

Life isn’t perfect, so everybody comes to some crossroads and ditches at some point. Positive people don’t have idyllic, picture-perfect lives, but idyllic, picture-perfect attitudes. When the going gets tough, they remain unbeaten in spirit and set foot on finding the best solution they can. When life gives them lemons, they make lemonade.

Positive people can be an excellent influence on your life and the choices you make within it. The social influences we have are the most powerful and stretch further thanks to social media and the internet at large. The more we surround ourselves with positive vibes and participate in the positivity movement, the more life unfurls itself to us. By identifying the positive people around you, you can start being more positive from today. To improve your motivation and positivity daily with empowering tools to get more out of life join our members club here.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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