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How to identify your ‘triggers’ for a successful career


Here’s the dilemma: you’re a hard worker, with innovative ideas and uncappable ambition, but you just can’t reach that position you’re aiming for. It can be baffling, but there might be a simple explanation that you haven’t or won’t think of. Instead of thinking of the ways other people or certain circumstances may have got in your way and held you back, let’s explore the ways you got in your own way and held yourself back. If you’re honest about your limiting beliefs and see how they conflict with what motivates you, then you can identify your ‘trigger’ for a successful career.


Sometimes we don’t make those big leaps, those career risks, because we’re too scared to fail. The idea of making a mistake never enters our heads because it isn’t part of the plan. Unfortunately, reality is different. It’s important to remember that mistakes and accidents happen even when you don’t intend for them too, but even more important to remember that mistakes aren’t linear. They do not stop you for a certain period or completely change your path in life. They can be circumvented, worked around or channelled into a new way of thinking. Don’t be afraid of failing, because it means you are afraid of success.[Success is a ritual: 10 daily habits to help achieve it] .


You could be working every hour possible, tiring yourself day after day, and still not getting nowhere. The truth is you might be working hard but hardly working, i.e. working inefficiently or not directly towards an actual goal. By focusing your creativity and energy, learn to work smarter and not harder. Tailor your tasks towards things you want to achieve. It might mean skimping on other tasks, but they might not be as important as you think or unnecessary.


Pride is ultimately a negative force when it comes to progressing and having a successful career. If you never admit to being wrong and don’t allow people to help, you can create hostile environments and potentially shut yourself off to the best solutions. Pride can result in you unfairly blaming others to stop yourself looking weak, but you weakness is judged on what you achieve, not in how you present yourself as a person. Don’t forget what actual success looks like.


A lack of belief in yourself and constant surprise at your abilities is delaying you from honing those abilities and making progress. If you can’t make effective decisions promptly or don’t trust yourself to take control of certain tasks, you will never move forward. One of the key skills you need to prove that you have in order to succeed is the ability to be responsible and lead. Self-doubt will get in the way of that greatly. Try our Video Moods series which can help to tweak your confidence daily via empowering videos.

You might think you’re doing everything right and don’t see why you can’t be promoted, but it might not be true. If you feel comfortable in your job and that your tasks are easy, you should take that as a warning sign, not a sign of success. Maintaining a standard but not improving does not indicate that you’re willing to succeed. A big part of success is being able to see that you can’t stay at the same level forever and that things will change. Start looking ahead to the future and find the gaps where you can make an impact and no one else has.


Not knowing what your passionate about can cause problems in discovering a successful career. Download our free expert eBook with exercises on how to discover your inner potential here. 

In truth, preparing yourself for success is often about letting go of perfection and stability. There is no such thing as a ‘safe’ career. As time moves on, new developments will always come up in your field and new competition will rise through the ranks. You need to be prepared to make leaps of faith and go past the point of no return in order to access success.


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