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How to keep alert in your boring job


We enter into the mid afternoon drowse, where we really should be getting work done, but we feel tired after our lunch and have lost the motivation we had in the morning. In a job you find boring, it can be extremely hard to stay alert and motivate yourself to get things done. As easy as it is to say that we want a new job, the logistics of finding one are slightly more difficult. So for the time being, we need to learn how to keep alert in our boring jobs.

Move around

Getting the blood circulating around our body by moving about can help us keep alert when at work. Studies have found that a 20-minute walk can help boost energy levels and this could just be through moving around the office. It is very easy to feel tiredness take over when we are sitting in a position we could easily fall asleep in, however, if we are up and about it restricts that drowsiness from setting in. Nevertheless, make sure people don’t mistake it with you doing a tea round!

Take regular breaks

Staying focused in any job can sometimes be difficult [13 ways to stay focused], so when we find our work particularly boring this means our windows of productivity are often very short. Instead of trying to do one long haul of work, fragmented with periods of staring into space, try to take breaks when you feel your concentration waning. A cup of coffee or a breather outside can make us feel more alert so that when we go back to our work we are able to approach it with a fresher mind.

Small snacks

A single large meal in the middle of the day can make us feel drowsy and coupled with that period before lunch where we are too hungry to do anything else; this can often hinder our alertness in our jobs. Instead, small healthy snacks can give us small bursts of energy consistently throughout the day and stop us being distracted by how hungry or full we may feel. This little energy boost can help us fight through those tiring afternoons and could encourage us to eat more healthily as we will no longer be craving our energy fix.

Stay hydrated

Being dehydrated can make us feel more tired and give us headaches. Water is crucial to so many functions in our body and so it is easy to understand why lack of this can make us feel so sluggish. Having a bottle of cold water beside you while you are at work will help stop dehydration and help you refresh yourself when you feel your alertness begin to slip.

Get a good night’s sleep

What is most key to feeling alert? Getting enough sleep. A boring job coupled with late nights is going to have a profound effect on your ability to concentrate. Resisting that mid afternoon sleep is difficult enough without making it harder for you by adding generalised tiredness on top. You would be surprised by the marvels of having a good sleeping pattern.

If you find yourself struggling to keep yourself alert despite all of this then it might be a sign that a career change [When is it a good time to change your job?] might be the only logical solution. We spend so much of our time at work that we should make sure that we enjoy being there.

If you are describing your job as boring then perhaps it’s time to go in search of a new one! Check out the new job eBook and visit the Pink Moods Network to set yourself a goal of finding that dream job.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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