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How to live with a purpose


There will often come points in our lives where we wonder ‘where have the last few years gone?’ We’ve been present for every single day, yet to pinpoint a specific moment leaves us looking at a blur of days merged together. When this happens we need to make a change- anything that will break us from our lifeless routines. So how do we live with a purpose?

How do I know I am not living with a purpose?

When you are not living with your true purpose it means you are neglecting a part of yourself that fulfils you and gives you happiness. This can result in jealousy of the lives of others and a dissatisfaction at your own life. [The habits of happy people] What you do day to day doesn’t fill you with energy, it drains you. As a result, many of our days pass away in a negative lull. With the fear of unknown and failure stopping us from doing anything about it, we coast through life and become filled with regrets. To avoid this we need to live with a purpose and to know that we have fulfilled everything we intended to.

What have you got to lose?

Committing to a purpose in your life has more of a benefit than you could know. Research has suggested that it can actually lead to having a longer life! Although the link between having a direction in life and extended longevity seems unusual, mental and physical wellbeing that are known to contribute to health, can all be side effects of choosing a purpose.

What is your purpose?

So how do you find a purpose? And what does having a purpose even mean? Your purpose can be anything, a belief you live by or a passion you feel strongly about. If you are living with the right purpose you can feel that you are truly contributing to the world and you will value every day. A unfulfilling career or relationship can help identify to you whether you’ve lost your purpose.So what do you love to do? It could be that you enjoy certain tasks at work or it could be looking after children. We all have a unique set of skills and discovering these through observing when we are happiest, or what fulfils us most could help steer our lives in a direction that gives us a purpose.

How do I make it my purpose?

Having a purpose is often thought to be translated into our careers, which is an option as we spend so much of our time working, but fulfilling your purpose can also be something outside of work. A purpose away from work is seen from those who live their lives in line with strong beliefs or those who spend their lives learning and developing certain skills. Finding a purpose is more about living each day of your life feeling grateful for what you have and knowing that you are expressing your true identity.

The idea of uprooting your lifestyle can be daunting, so approach the process of finding your purpose in steps. First find what it is you love to do, or how you wish your life. This discovery can be fun and will lead you to try new things. When you have done this, find time to integrate this into part of your life and watch as your happiness blossoms along with this. For a guide to living with a purpose download our expert (including award winning contributors) eBook in our Self Discovery section.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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