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How to manage career related stress


There are many factors to your job that can contribute to stress, from deadlines to deadbeat workers, to redundancies and responsibilities. When all the individual obstacles in your career path build up, the anxiety can overwhelm you, leading to severe physical effects such as obesity, high blood pressure and the increased risk of heart attacks. Whilst you may think you need to get on with the job and manage your stress quietly, not wanting to disturb others who are equally busy, you would be seriously neglecting your health. It’s a dangerous risk to not actively and openly manage career related stress. Here are some tips which can help.


Talking through your work-related anxieties is of utmost importance, and is the first step you should always take before finding other remedies for stress. If you have a hostile or uncomfortable relationship with a colleague, talk to them. If you fear for your job security, talk to your HR manager. If you are struggling with your workload and are looking for other options, talk to your boss. The myriad problems that can arise in the workplace is a growing list, from the professional to the more intimate, so keep note of all the appropriate people to talk to about them in case you find yourself confronting a problem. If like 2 out of 3 stressed women in the UK, you do not feel that you can talk about these things openly, then why not share it with some like-minded people anonymously in our community. 

Remember to go home

Studies have shown that those balancing a work-home lifestyle get more stressed in their home life than in their work life. Work tends to be more mechanical, with a definite input and output, making it more appealing to dedicate most of your time to. However, do this at your peril. Whilst your family, friends and/or partner might be harder to sort problems with, it’s only because you have strong, personal relationships with them. Neglect those relationships and your life will become complicated. The comfort someone close to you can bring is far more rewarding than what someone more distant can. Your colleagues don’t normally understand you like those at home do. They provide reprieve when you have had a tough day at the office. Make sure the balance is truly balanced. If you want some support and guidance with your work/home life, then visit our planners and checklists section for guidance or watch some empowering videos for strategies to help you with career related stresses. Join here.

Use you stress

For many, stress can be used as an extra motivator, and they use the mental and physical pressure to push them forward. The short burst of energy from adrenaline often help workers achieve their goals. It should be noted that lower levels of stress tend to be motivating, whereas higher levels are debilitating. If your stress is overwhelming you – leaving you tired, emotional, and depressed – you should seek medical help. There are many medically-recognised remedies for stress, from different therapies to prescribed medication [How to manage the root cause of stress].

Keep building contacts

Staying involved and connected in your career sector ensures more enjoyment and stability in the workplace. If you feel trapped within the four walls of work, spread out. Offer to do training and teaching, ranging from lectures to recruitment initiatives. This way you earn respect in the workplace and also build contacts outside work. Knowing you have increasing options for which direction to take your career can help you feel less stressed, and take you away from the all-or-nothing mentality regarding a pay-rise or promotion.


The bad health of full-time workers, especially in lower-paid jobs, hasn’t been ignored by the medical profession. The life expectancy of those in such jobs is decreasing. Remedy the stress of your job on your body by undertaking regular, gentle exercise. Exercise is known to be the one of the best ways to relieve stress, and can release endorphins which relax you.

Career-related stress can come from many sources in the workplace, so it is best to identify what type of stress it is before finding the right method to curing it. All jobs will demand the best of you, but when you aren’t at your best because of stress, this is an impossible demand. Don’t neglect occupational stress.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.