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How to mask your first date nerves


First dates can be hard on your nerves. They trigger all kinds of negative thinking, from jumping to conclusions to self-consciousness. You need to clear your mind and be proactive about first dates. Let yourself be excited for the opportunity. As long as you do some good preparation to keep the nerves at bay, you will be fine. Here are some useful ideas to mask your first date nerves.

Choose a helpful location

It’s good to do some preliminary work on your nerves, and where you go for the date can help a lot. Going somewhere you know really well can minimise awkward encounters and will help you keep control. A good checklist for this is:

● Somewhere you can wear casual clothes (but still look good!)
● Somewhere with little risk of embarrassing accidents
● Somewhere you know how to get there and back from
● Somewhere where you don’t have to learn something new

In that case, you’re left with options like the cinema, an art gallery or museum, the park or a home-cooked meal. These are less intense things to do and places to go, where conversation can be relaxed or heavily dependent on what you’re doing.

Don’t turn to alcohol

Dutch courage it may be, but it’s a huge risk and a well-known way to ruin a perfectly good date. You might end up saying more than you need to or lose control and cause an accident (we all know them, no need to write them down!).

Play a game

A game where you have to reveal interesting facts about yourself will help the conversation get going. Keeping the date light hearted is important due to not really knowing each other. Ice-breakers can help, but this isn’t a work-training exercise nor is it a drinking game so don’t be too enthusiastic with it. A good method is to think of some fun, novelty questions to see if you have a connection first then move on to more serious lines of conversation. Google some beforehand to get a good idea, there are plenty of ideas for you to try out.

Keep the good conversation topics in mind

Good topics are entertainment, sport, food, travel and books. Get deep into what they enjoy doing and try and find the passion inside of them. That’s what keeps the conversation going. Things to avoid would be careers, education, families, and of course, exes [Why it's time to stop obsessing over your ex!]. Though they seem like normal questions, anything that they can find out from a 2-second glance at a Facebook profile isn’t worth dwelling on. It’s a sign there isn’t much to talk about.

Don’t act rashly

Nerves can make you snatch at topics, suggestions of where to go next, your food, even the way you walk. Relax and take things slowly. You’re not in a rush to finish it, so just enjoy the experience. If you want some more general dating tips for on and offline, sign up to our bite sized Video Moods for a bit of support or inspiration.

Remember that your date is just another person. They will be nervous, determined to impress and anxious for it to go well too. All in all, a date is meant to be something fun, so make it fun. It’s best to approach it optimistically. At worst, you never see each other again but still have a good time. At best, romance is on the cards.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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