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Challenge your Mindset

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How to pay more attention to what matters


For a lot of us, we probably spend equal time thinking about the past, as well as the future. Considering the past isn’t something we can control, it would seem as though we are wasting our time. Yet we fret, dwell and regret so frequently that sometimes it even distracts us from what is happening in the now. It’s about time we started to train our minds and pay more attention to what matters.

Keep the past in the past

When we undergo stressful situations our mind tends to play tricks on us. [Why your problems may be illusions of the mind] We can recall the event in a magnified and intense way and it can continue to play out repeatedly far after the event has happened.[5 methods to stop overthinking] Whilst traumatic events require the support of specialists, we can also be at risk of adopting the same mind-set for small and less significant worries. It is important in these times to separate fact from fiction. The ‘fiction’ relates to the moments that have passed, or have not yet arrived, as they do not currently exist. All we have is the present day and present moment. If we are worried, we can start to take action by making productive steps to changing what is in our control and accepting what is out of our control. By sifting out what we have control over, and what we don’t, we can quickly then start to make our mind useful and focus on what matters to us right now.

Our worry is also often focused on caring about how other people have viewed us, rather than the actual issue itself. For example, tripping over is something that we can quickly recover from and move on with our day. However tripping over in front of others is something we might dwell on more intensely as we worry about what others think of us. Our minds ferociously try to fill the space of ‘unknown’ about how others perceive us and sometimes it results in us assuming the worst, and so we dwell. In truth people are far too busy focusing on their own lives to give any time and space to you and your life. If you have a habit of overthinking and worrying then visit our Video Moods section for immediate action packed strategies to help you move on. Remember what matters is to …

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

― Bernard M. Baruch

Adjust your setting

A focus on the past means that we are not fully engaging in the now. Therefore we need to find a way to adjust our minds in order to get the most out of our lives in the present. A way to do this is through mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to focus on the present time and on the immediate task ahead. [Mindfulness: The benefits of living a mindful life] It allows you to observe your thoughts, but not get involved with them, which makes them far easier to manage. Initially, just becoming more aware of your pattern of thoughts – and realizing they are entirely generated by your mind can be the first step. It can also be achieved through meditation, just taking a small portion out of your day to observe your thoughts and filter out the negative will help you get rid of the things which are holding you back and allow your mind to be freed up to focus on what matters in the present.

Face forward

Now that you have put your past where it deserves to be, it is time to focus on your future. Are you happy with your job? In your relationship? Look at the things in your life and assess whether you are doing everything you can to make yourself happy. If not, then use your newfound focus to set yourself achievable goals of how you can make things better. This will help even more so with keeping away those negative thoughts that used to plague your mind. To access reflective eBooks on the journey to the love of your life or your dream job then visit our Self Discovery section.

If you want help in setting achievable goals and managing your lifestyle, then download one of our daily planners or eGuides here or speak to one of our life coaches who can guide you through your journey.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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