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Challenge your Mindset

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How to realize your own self worth


Our self worth is the way we perceive ourselves, how much we respect ourselves, our self-esteem. We often put ourselves on the backburner whilst we focus on many of the other things we have to deal with, so that little by little our self worth becomes neglected and the lack of confidence it develops eventually starts to rear up in different situations in our life. It’s important that we rediscover what we are worth, and bring back the confidence we used to have. [7 reasons why we lose our confidence]

Help Others

Helping others is a great way to show yourself all of the things that you have to offer to other people. Feeling useful and valued can lift our confidence as it helps redefine our place and purpose in the world. We may not even realize what we have to offer until we are able to give it to someone else, not to mention that fact that you will be making somebody extremely grateful for the help you have given to them.

Challenge Yourself

Our self worth will never increase unless we put ourselves to the test and prove just exactly what we are capable of. If you have lost confidence in your ability to do your own job, then ask for responsibility – take on new tasks and prove to yourself and others what you can really do. We are often held back by a fear that if we try something new, and we are not good at it, that it will damage our self-esteem. Equally, not trying anything means we won’t find out our true strengths that we can then develop further. Go for it the risk might just pay off!

Change your attitude

A negative attitude is never one that will create self belief. If you are plagued with doubts, worries and insecurities, rather than neglecting your self worth, actively fight to increase it. Trusting and believing in yourself is the first step to regaining your self worth. Constant questioning of what we have done, or asking others what we should do, takes away our belief that we are able to do things independently.[Why you shouldn't blame yourself] Try to think, ‘I can do this’ or ‘I made the right choice’ and begin to give yourself a little bit more credit for your own initiative. [21 things you need to do to avoid negative thoughts]

Create your own worth

It’s extremely important that you are the result of your own feelings of worth, not other people. If you begin to have this reliance on others whether it be men, bosses or friends, then you open yourself up to dangerous situations where your confidence could be extremely damaged. If a relationship breaks down, or a boss is unhappy with your work – your mood will directly plummet in response. There is no way you can live independently and do what’s right for you if your feelings of happiness are from another. Therefore, defining your self worth on your own terms is imperative and should not be related to any of the situations you encounter. Aim to have the internal strength and confidence to get through things with your own conviction and trust in your own ideas. Consider what others around you add to your self worth purely as a bonus not a necessity.

If you are having difficulties with rediscovering your self worth, our eBooks , videos and planners can help. Or alternatively for a personal discussion book in with one of our life coaches or join our community to get advice on how to rediscover the new you.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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