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How to feel more energised throughout the day


Feeling more energised through the day is more about physical endurance and strong mentality. With better health habits and clever motivational techniques, you can reenergise yourself and get through the working day without your eyes feeling like they’re made of lead.

Here’s the simple method to feeling more energised throughout the day.

Go to bed and wake up at a regular time

Force your body into a good sleeping pattern. It will take adjustment if you tend to tire yourself out in order to sleep, but a regular pattern will make sure you get enough sleep and it replenishes your energy in a more even way. Your sleep will feel less like quick compensation but a normal and necessary part of recharging.[8 habits of the sleep deprived]

Drink more water instead of coffee and tea

Being hydrated is enough in most cases to make you feel alert, and the belief that caffeine is necessary is more of a social trend. It can in fact be counter-intuitive, especially if you consume caffeine after noon. Limit yourself to one caffeine drink a morning then switch to water and you are less likely to crash.

Eat more fibre

When in need of energy it’s easy to reach for starchy and sugary foods for a quick boost, but they are processed carbohydrates. They do not sustain energy and eventually you’ll end up more tired than you were before. The trick is to pick more complex carbohydrates and opt for foods high in fibre. They keep your digestion regular and absorb all waste, as well as giving you the full feeling you crave. Good options are fruit, onions, brown bread and pasta and beans, for they provide necessary carbohydrates too.

Keep your itinerary varied

Mixing up your routine makes your schedule less of a burden. Psychologically, you convinced yourself you have no energy when faced with long periods of the same, boring work. Split your tasks up evenly and alternate them. Focus for one hour maximum on a task then move onto another. To help you to plan this best create a daily to do list, to access our ‘on the go’ interactive tools like Organise Me.

Take breaks when you can

The key to preserving energy is to rest at the right times. It might be tempting to work through lunch and attempt some extra errands when you have spare time at home, but you’re overworking yourself, mentally as much as physically. Let yourself recuperate [Feeling tired? How to avoid burnout] for at least fifteen minutes and you’ll tackle the rest of the day much more effectively because of it.

Keep good music handy

Music can trigger the release of hormones like dopamine, which leave you feeling happy and energised. This can also be triggered by exercise. Music psychologically works by association – we all have songs which we equate with happy memories or good feelings. Play those songs and watch your energy increase.

Don’t laze around too much

Whilst it’s important to rest [A checklist for chilling out and enjoying life], resting too much can make you lethargic. Make sure you keep lounging around in front of the television to a minimum. A quick rest is enough to relax you and prepare you to get back to work, whereas long periods of rest make you want to sleep. Save that for later in the day when you want to sleep.

There’s no trick to reenergise yourself or in staying energised. It’s a basic method that revolves around looking after yourself. You don’t need certain genetics, you don’t have to blame your age [Quarter Life Crisis? Feeling lost in your 20s] and you don’t need a strenuous diet and exercise routine. Remember the basics from childhood and re-apply them to your life. You might find you have the energy of a child again (okay, maybe not quite!)


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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