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Challenge your Mindset

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How are you feeling?

How to reset your emotions and change your life


Emotions are magicians: they can trick you into believing anything is happening even if it really isn’t. The end of the world is the most popular illusion. In a world governed by rationality – laws and language – our emotions dance to another beat. Known as the limbic system, they are governed by sensory reaction and do not require a rational thought process. We all have strong reactions to things without really knowing why, from phobias to moral acts – owe it to your limbic system. Sometimes, the system becomes overloaded or develops a reaction that’s unhelpful or unnecessary. At this point, you need to consider resetting.

Emotional choices

Often we see emotions as immediate. The split second in which we respond to certain stimuli is an important measure of time – better use of it could result in better emotional control. [The emotional economy: Reasons why we lose our self-esteem] Despite contradicting statements, you do have a choice in how you express emotions. You have to work on making positive reactions your immediate response. The word ‘emotion’ is a loaded term, but unpacking it, you see there is much more to it than ‘feeling’ and ‘sensing’. It’s a physical, logical reaction to disturbances too. You can choose how to process your feelings by resetting your emotional system. Do you view the world pessimistically? Do you struggle with anger management? Could you say you have a victim complex? Addressing these gaps in your emotional system will drastically change how you respond to many situations and people. By looking into specific treatments – from counselling to meditation to sleep consultants – you can work on how your brain functions emotionally.

Laws of attraction

It’s best to looking to medically recognised therapies to address any emotional instability you might have. If you’re looking for immediate help whilst working on resetting your emotions, the laws of attraction can help you. [How to attract a life you will love] It’s not a permanent fix and shouldn’t replace the help of professionals, but it’s a useful mind-set to help you through a given moment of emotional stress. The laws of attraction are incredibly popular, with celebrity-endorsed literature such as The Secret continuing to sell well. It’s based on reciprocity; what you give, you receive. By aiming to ‘give’ positivity – a kind word, a helping hand – you ‘attract’ positivity. Sociologically, we survive by a selfish instinct, but also need to have relationships – the laws of attraction understands this. If someone helps you, you not only get what you want, but you will want to help them also in order to build a connection. Following this simple mentality will help you emotionally as it affirms your social confidence, which is how our emotional coping mechanisms and reactions are formed as we progress through life.

Tips for ‘resetting’

With emotions and their social and psychological significance explained, here are some ways to look after your body that have a positive effect on emotional health, as well as physical health.

– Naps will help you process emotions unconsciously. They take them away from pressured environments and ease any anxiety they might give you [5 key triggers of anxiety]. Experts recommend a 90 minute nap to stop your brain becoming fatigued by emotions.
– Exercises that match your emotions will help channel them. Verbal communication of emotions can be tricky and end up ineffective if you’re too emotionally imbalanced. Try boxing for anger, yoga for fear and running for panic [How to stop a panic attack]. The physical process of each of these exercises matches the mental process of each emotion.

Emotions are something you can conquer. Buddhist monks, athletes and politicians put paid to this theory. Learn to see when something is happening to you as opposed to when an emotion is happening to you. Imbued with this knowledge you can anchor yourself with any emotion you want with enough practise. If you want some immediate emotional support for daily stresses then visit our Video Moods series, or ask some like minded people for advice in our community or download one of our planners to help pick up your spirits on a daily basis.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.