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How to stop feeling like an imposter


Sometimes we find ourselves falling on our feet, and we’re unsure of how to feel about it. Twists of
fate can often leave our crimes unpunished, our mistakes without reprimand and our efforts over-
praised. It happens to everyone and can be soothing when we normally deal with life being unfair.
Naturally, we feel a bit like imposters.

Too much, too soon

What about when the feeling of fraud is unjustified? How do we handle ourselves when we reach
success quicker than we planned. It isn’t necessarily a twist of fate, but complete shock that we are
more capable than we thought. When our mindset isn’t used to such a drastic change in fortune, we
feel like imposters, as though our real selves our being concealed by a clever public veneer. The
compliments start to fall on deaf ears, and a threat to our self-esteem is imposed.

Imposter syndrome

When more severe side effects come from this feeling, such as depression from a lack of self-
esteem or anxiety from being ‘found out’ as a fraud, it is known as imposter syndrome. This is what
happens when usually self-affirming events have a negative emotional effect. Our confidence goes
in reverse because we feel we don’t deserve our success. The syndrome is often found in women,
due to historically taking subordinate roles in society before moving into more esteemed
occupations. It is often born from social sensitivity, such as being upset by jealous people or
responding badly to criticism. Those with imposter syndrome internalise the negative experiences
and the emotions resurface to try and dismantle positive experiences.

View yourself from the inside

Instead of viewing yourself as an imposter, remove yourself completely from the external gaze. You
know yourself better than anybody, and this works both ways. Don’t assume that others see you
negatively, because you don’t know for sure. Encourage honesty and transparency from others by
expressing your true opinions on things, both positive and negative (but be respectful!) You attract
others who will treat you the same, and you will start responding better to praise because criticism
will tend to be more constructive than destructive. To challenge your mindset into starting to believe
in yourself join us now from only £9.99

The feeling of fraud comes from imagining you are hiding. Be your best self and know that success
isn’t something that comes easy. We all get a bit of luck from time to time, but success is always
something to be celebrated, because it’s a sign of hard work and talent.


Photo Credit: Copyright: suricoma / 123RF Stock Photo


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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