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How to walk inside your own story and stop worrying over others


We live in a judgemental society, so much so that sometimes we are afraid to be open about our true selves. Whatever your personal preferences and interests – from self-image, to entertainment, to hobbies, to sexuality – it can feel like you need to jump through hoops just for people to accept you for who you are . What you really need to do is remove the hoops altogether. Limiting your life experiences based on how people may judge you, as opposed to how happy it will make you feel, is sure to set you on a path to unhappiness. To be happy, you need to know how to walk inside your own story and stop worrying over others.

Being authentic

One of the most important qualities to possess is authenticity. Authenticity isn’t about being as original, unique and ‘out-there’ as possible, but basing your journey through life on what you genuinely enjoy and people you genuinely like. We often hear stories of people choosing career paths because they wanted to impress their parents, or committing to a lifestyle and culture because they wanted to fit in with a group of people they admire. Getting lost in being someone based on what others want to be will strip you of your true self. Everybody should do what is best for them , and likewise shouldn’t make others feel like they have to follow their lead. Take some time to think about what you want for yourself. You are born with one life, just like everybody else, and only you can control the experiences you have and the ultimate story you will tell. If you need a nudge to try and unpack what your authentic self is then download our free eBook by award winning experts on how to find your potential and the secret to discovering it.

Having self-belief

It’s one thing to recognise the need to be authentic, it’s another to have the confidence to see it through. Self-efficacy is a difficult quality to nurture. Having the confidence in your abilities and strengths to push yourself to achieve things you’ve never dreamed of achieving, and going places you never thought you go, is the foundation of life. [Grow your self-confidence] Walking inside your own story is about embracing the process and taking this journey head on. In light of this, try not to be too disappointed or disheartened if you don’t succeed with something at first. Use it as fuel to keep going and embrace the detours and scenic routes you are put on to get there.

Why not to be scared of others

When walking your own journey, you’re only competing with yourself. Inventing rivalries with other people will always leave a sense of inadequacy lingering around you, when the truth is probably the opposite. Other people’s achievements aren’t any of your business. Who you are and what you have to offer is enough. Being the absolute best at something is either an impossibility or unimportant (unless you’re an Olympic sprinter!). Watching yourself consistently improve at something is great motivation, however quick that progress may be. Focus on the self-satisfaction you get from doing what you love and be inspired by your progress.

It’s important to live for yourself. Other people’s opinions are a vast ocean of many and varied viewpoints and experiences. There’s no feasible way to avoid judgement completely, so you need to learn to not care. When you look back on your life, you want to be able to say you lived it to the fullest doing what you loved, so make that happen from today. To have some support, inspiration and daily motivation to do just this join our empowering community today with videos, ebooks, goals setting tools, community and other inspiring motivational tools to help you to get more out of life.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.