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How your values shape your confidence


Having confidence can be tricky if you don’t know what you value. What separates confidence from self-esteem is how it’s formed by external challenges, whereas self-esteem depends on what’s within. Your confidence can be split into multiple confidences based on your strength in belief that you can achieve in a given area. For example, you might be a confident driver but less confident at handling money. What you value will shape what you strongly believe you can do, because your values are what motivate you to achieve.


Your moral values are incredibly important in indicating how confident you are. Morals act as a conscious barrier against potentially risky decisions, and the looser they are, the more daring you’ll be. The more selfless of us, who feel obliged to our families, friends and employers, won’t step too far outside the lines. Those who are more adventurous – not necessarily more badly behaved – will get a thrill out trying new things. Their confidence is measured by the buzz they feel.


Do you stick to a rigid schedule or are you more spontaneous? This form of confidence is how we adjust to the trust we have in ourselves and others. Those who can’t rely on themselves under pressure will organise their days to keep themselves on track, whereas others will play it by ear and go about their days more freely, trusting themselves to do the right thing or deliver at the right moment. These people tend to be most confident in their work.


Are you strongly motivated by money and material possessions? The power of a reward will make certain people change their values in order to attain them, meaning they’ll be the most confident talkers, workers and commuters. They’ll do anything to get what they want. Those who feel the intensity of the reward less are more confident in their friendship circles and with their family. They are motivated by maintaining a strong support network instead.


The education system can leave a lasting mark on what we deem ourselves capable of especially regarding reading and writing skills. Even though a lot of ‘real world’ dealings contain very abstract applications of what you learn in school, it’s still the high achievers who are more confident with them.[Why the power is within you to succeed] Being encouraged and rewarded more in school means that these people are happy to take on mortgages and credit cards or write formal complaints. Those who were less rewarded take less administrative jobs and are more developed intuitively. They might not feel confident in doing complicated things, but they are interpersonal enough to get by.

The important thing to note about confidence is that there is no right or wrong with it. Everybody is going to be confident in different things and it doesn’t make you a lesser person, rather it encourages you to mix with people of different confidences in order to achieve. When it comes to your values, be honest. Know what drives you, and that integrity will help you greatly with you confidence. If you need some support in building your confidence join our empowering club for access to over 100 bite sized expert videos to help empower you in life, love and work wherever and whenever you need a boost!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.