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What you can learn about yourself through others


It sounds new age and philosophical to talk about viewing your individuality from outside yourself, but it can be something of a scientific experiment. Many would argue that thinking too much about how we come across as people will lead to an influx of identity crises, yet we can all think of one person who would benefit from a reality check. We aren’t always self-aware enough in certain aspects of our lives, and once you break down just how influential you can be in society, you’ll realise how important self-awareness is.


We’re all individuals because we are made up of other people. Research has proved that we pick up personality traits, speech patterns, interests and behavioural manners through our most used social connections, i.e. friends and family[Why our friends define us]. They leave enough of an impression to form us as a person, so you could learn a lot about yourself just by learning about the people in your life. Try and match the similarities between you and love ones to see how they’ve influenced you and whether you have influenced them.

In the eyes of a stranger

Sometimes it’s not just in friends and family we leave ourselves fragmented, as they leave fragments in us, but also in how we affect the lives of others. Every movement we make in wider society can have a chain reaction, and monitoring your manners, conversation skills, propensity for teamwork and command of authority could be crucial in learning about how social you are and what needs improving. The element of distance that professionalism or estrangement puts between you and others is an important distance to perceive. You can probably be more relaxed about how loved ones who know you very well see you, but what about how people who barely know you? Don’t go through your working day with tunnel vision. Experiment by deliberately being conscious of your politeness and doing good deeds to see how they positively affect your life. Gauging the reactions and opinions of people based on your first impressions can assist you in improving your relationship with different kinds of people and help you maintain the correct boundaries.

The problem with the popular definition of individuality is how ego-centric it is[What does being egocentric mean]. We all have a core part of our being which is innate, instinctual and unique to others around us, but it’s also primal and naturally protected and hidden from view by us. As social creatures, we don’t want to constantly wear our innermost desires on our sleeves and instead express ourselves through what society deems acceptable, from clothes to language to political ideas. Recognise this truth, and understand how much the outside world impacts your inside world. It could do you so much good. To go on a greater journey of self discovery download our eBooks for a fun way of discovering more about yourself and how to make the most of your life.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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