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Inspirational Women – Finding strength through difficult times


These Inspirational Women have faced the toughest of journeys, but found the courage to come through fighting and inspire others to discover similar strength in their lives.

Samantha Busch

Samantha-Busch-thumbSamantha bravely shared her and her husband’s struggles against infertility and IVF journey on her blog in an effort to provide somewhere people suffering something similar can turn to.

“You may feel angry, scared, crazy and alone through your journey,” she says, before describing how her posts, photos and videos aim to help those in a “battle to conceive”. She adds: “I want you to take comfort in knowing that the feelings you are having are completely normal and rational”.

Having now given birth with the help of the Reach clinic in North Carolina, who Samantha and Kyle are now fundraising for, Samantha says the process brought her and her husband closer together, while helping her become a shoulder for people to lean on.

She has since spent time out of her busy schedule – which involves being a fitness fanatic, fundraiser, fashionista and lifestyle blogger – to comfort those with similar issues. “I have found inner strength that I never knew I had to overcome fears and deal with heartache,” she reflects on her site.

Susanne Remic

Susanne-Remic-thumbSusanne Remic, otherwise known as Ghostwriter Mummy, created her blog after the traumatic birth of her son in 2010, an extremely painful experience – both physically and emotionally – in which she recalls “the silence of a missing heartbeat”, upon the delivery.

Her baby boy was thankfully resuscitated, but Susanne could only see the terror she had previously faced when initially looking at him in the crib. Knowing she wasn’t depressed, she instead sought support from the Birth Trauma Association, and created her Ghost Writer Mummy blog as a means of sharing her experience.

Upon finding sharing her story therapeutic, and garnering support from other mothers, Susanne “realised there was a lack of understanding and empathy when it came to discussing birth trauma”, which led to her co-founding Maternity Matters, “a place where women and their families can share their stories on pregnancy, birth, and maternity issues”.

Now a mother of four, Susanne continues to write about birth trauma and other maternity issues, as well as her own family life, in order to help educate, comfort and inspire those who may have suffered something similar to her.

Jody Day

Jody-Day-thumbFor childless women who wanted a mouthpiece, along came Jody, who speaks from experience and the heart on a matter that was otherwise not well identified – that there’s a lot of reasons for childlessness and these reasons are wide and varied, sometimes not by choice.

Jody recognises and pioneers the need for ‘childless-by-circumstance’ women to be supported through previously fairly unrecognised issues. This is the reasoning behind Gateway Women, something that supports people by offering an online community and workshops.

Through Gateway Women, as well as her best-selling book, Jody is extending the hand of support and empathy to a massive following of women, providing them with a map for an otherwise unnavigable part of their lives.

Rosey Wren

Rose-Wren-thumbRosey devotes all her time to raising awareness and supporting those affected by Perinatal Mental Illness, a cause that became very close to her heart after suffering postnatal and antenatal depression while pregnant with her three children.

#PNDHour, a weekly hashtag created by Rosey to encourage discussion and connection among those affected, “has connected over 2900 people with either a professional or personal interest in Perinatal Mental Illness,” she says.

This, along with her blog and other hashtag (#PNDChat), has helped create an “amazing strong community of sufferers, survivors, professionals and charities”, in which people can discuss, connect and find support.

Heartache can create a greater strength in you than you ever knew you had and these Inspirational Women have bravely shared their own experiences for the greater good of others who may be suffering something similar. As the Chinese proverb says: “When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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