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Inspirational Women… Helping You Overcome Obstacles


Life often hands you obstacles and, while these can prevent success, some choose to overcome these hurdles and continue to excel. Albeit difficult, these Inspirational Women have triumphed their initial stumbling blocks and used them to benefit the lives of others.

Zoe Sugg

Zoe-SuggAt just 25-years-old, Zoe (otherwise known as Zoella) has become a bit of a celebrity figure, with over 8million followers on her beauty and fashion blog and almost 9million subscribers on YouTube, not to mention her record-breaking novel!
However, what a lot of people may not know about Zoe, is that she wasn’t always so confident and vibrant, but actually used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Speaking as a Digital Ambassador for Mind UK, she said she is “passionate about the need for everyone to feel ok to speak out”.
Zoe is an inspiration to anyone who has self-doubt or a lack of confidence, having overcome her fears and doubts to become one of the most-followed bloggers of all time, all while using her online presence to raise awareness and help others.

Ella Woodward

Ella-WoodwardElla is the woman behind Deliciously Ella, a blog she started as a means of coping with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), and is now one of the most popular recipe sites.
PoTS causes an irregular increase in heart rate and gave Ella a lot of unbearable pain, prohibiting her from even being able to walk down the street, but, after discovering a vast improvement through a natural diet, she decided to share her self-taught solutions online.
Eating this way has given Ella her life back and she describes the process as “turning something negative into something really positive”. Throughout her blog, and recently published book, Ella achieves her aim to “spread health and happiness”, encouraging and inspiring her readers to love their bodies and live healthily.

Emily Williams

Emily-Williams-As a Leading Success coach for women entrepreneurs, Emily hopes to help change people’s lives for the better. On her site, iheartmylife.com, Emily describes herself as “all about helping you make money pursuing your dreams”.
After taking a brave leap of faith and following her heart from Ohio to London, Emily achieved her own idea of success and happiness, inspiring and supporting professional women gain a similar level of clarity and courage in their lives.
There’s something very empowering about someone overcoming hurdles to not only achieve their own success, but reflecting on them to help inspire others, something Emily has certainly done.

Katie Lowe

Katie-LoweKatie is an inspiring example of how empowering self-esteem can be in discovering yourself and inner happiness.
After finding the determination to lose almost half her weight, having previously weighed 290Ibs, Katie says she “gained an insight into feminism, self-esteem, and what it means to be a woman.”
Her blog, which concentrates on nutrition, wellness and emotional growth, has earned coverage from some of the major media outlets.
“No matter what your size, your shape, your weight, or anything else – you deserve to be happy,” says Katie, who is inspiring women everywhere to put an end to poor body image and low self-esteem.

Pink Moods are always inspired by those that overcome their own hurdles, and use their experiences to support others. In the words of Cullen Hightower: “A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success.”


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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