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Inspirational Women… Using your body and mind to empower yourself and those around you


A healthy lifestyle can help give you clarity and motivation in life. These Inspirational Women have used their own experiences and knowledge, whether it’s in yoga, nutrition, or fitness, to enthuse others to make positive changes in their lives.

Rachel Brathen

Rachel-BrathenRachel Brathen has been described as a ‘phenomenon’, an ‘inspiration’ and ‘one of the world’s most respected gurus’ and, after reading her story, it’s easy to understand why.
Rachel (otherwise known as Yoga Girl), is an international yoga teacher, author and motivational speaker, who uses her impressive online following to share inspirational messages and yoga tips, while removing the stigma of talking about insecurities and bad days.

For example, she shared the tragic deaths of her best friend and grandmother, as well as her mother’s attempted suicide, with her many followers to show that everyone goes through lows and that it is not healthy to pretend everything is great all the time. Also, in 2012, Rachel started the hashtag #loveyourbodyloveyoursoul alongside pictures of her cellulite and stomach.

Before becoming the empowering, liberating woman she is today, Rachel experienced a lot of trauma growing up, which led to a teenage rebellion involving alcohol and shoplifting, but she says yoga helped get her life back on track. Rachel now encourages others to find what inspires them, while teaching yoga herself. “Be realistic: plan for a miracle,” she says.

Tara Stiles

tara-stiles“Do what makes you feel amazing,” says Tara Stiles, who has clearly followed her own advice, having created her own type of yoga, authorised several top-selling books, and become a highly sought-after motivational speaker, lecturing to sold-out audiences across the globe.

In her most recent book, Tara revealed how she struggled with an eating disorder after being a victim of sexual assault, something she did not feel comfortable speaking publicly about but did so to inspire and help others.
Her struggles also inspired Tara to create the New York Strala Yoga Studio, which makes yoga more accessible for all types of people. This has proved successful considering its signature style of movement now features in partner studios and gyms worldwide.
To this day, Tara remains committed to connecting with people and inspiring them to “heal, grow strong, and spread awesomeness”.

Adriene Mishler

Adriene-MishlerAdriene Mishler is one of the most-followed yoga teachers on YouTube, and a successful actress, featuring alongside Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage in 2013 drama, Joe – not to mention the fact she co-founded Find What Feels Good, an online resource full of yoga-related tools!

Her YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene, which is also the name of her blog, boasts over 800,000 followers, and “helps to inspire you to be authentic, do your best and find what feels good.” Yoga encourages you to “see a world that is working for you, instead of against you”, she says.

Adriene light-heartedly discusses all things yoga with humour and experience after spending her life “learning, working, living and breathing” what she loves, something we can all learn from.

Celia Learmonth

Celia-LearmonthAt just 21-years-old, Celia is a fantastic example of someone who has shown bravery to step out from behind a mask to inspire others to do the same.
As a young teen, growing insecurities about her weight led Celia to give up her place in the school hockey team and aspirations of representing Team GB in trampolining or swimming. And, at the age of thirteen, Celia began using food to ease the pain of her grandmother’s death.

A major turning point came at a party, when Celia was a victim of bullying and humiliation after gathering the courage to ask her crush out. This spurred a dramatic weight loss and, in less than a year, she had gone from 11 stone to 8 stone 7Ibs.

Celia isolated herself from her friends during this period, telling herself she was worthless. After a panic attack at a New Year’s Eve party, her brother bought her a block of personal training sessions, which helped her share her problem with her mother.

This gave her a glimpse of clarity that later encouraged her to self-reflect anonymously on Instagram. However, upon accidentally sharing her account to Facebook, Celia’s friends and peers began supporting her and even asking for advice.

Albeit not intentionally at first, Celia has become a source of inspiration, transforming a dark time into a new future for her and many people out there. “My passion fuelled me to want to enthuse others,” she says.

Pink Moods are inspired by those who find something that motivates and drives them in life, and choose to share that to encourage others. In the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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