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How to keep yourself amused


On the rare occasion that we find ourselves with a free second in our day and we have actually been unable to find a way to fill it, then we need to find something that is able to keep us amused. A long train journey, a lazy sofa day or waiting for an appointment are all times where we actually seek out a distraction to waste away the time. The level of productivity keeping yourself amused will entail is entirely down to you:

The guilty pleasures

If there is time to kill then there are many guilty pleasures we can use to fill it. These can generally range from reading the trashy magazines we vowed that we wouldn’t spend any further money on, or catching up with our reality TV on our tablet. You could even find yourself visiting the Community and analysing to see if any other woman if brave enough to confess to some of the things you tend to keep buried down in your conscious.

Everybody is allowed a guilty pleasure now and then, something that completely distracts you from your daily stresses and just allows you to put your head into another, more amusing, world for a while. Many of us can find ourselves wasting hours on YouTube videos that may have started with us watching a song video and ended up with us with us viewing a dog eating with a knife and fork. Catch up with your guilty pleasures when you have the free time, otherwise you might be tempted to amuse yourself with them when you don’t actually have the spare time to do so!

‘Plan your life out’

We all find writing neat little lists and setting goals a nice way to feel as though we are being productive and getting on top of things, without actually having to do any of the work required in order to do this! But as we know, success tends to come with a plan and so we are allowed that hour or two to keep ourselves amused with dreams of where we will be in the future.

In the few spare minutes you find yourself with the most productive way to amuse yourself can be through organising your affairs. It could be that you plan your budget, create a to do list [Organise Me] or set your goals for the forthcoming year. Sometimes taking the time out to organise everything in advance is something you come to be extremely grateful for when you feel as though you are starting to lose track of things. Who said organising couldn’t be amusing?

Technology free

Although we can accept we are in a generation where our devices are as important as a vital organ, amusement can exist outside of our tiny phone screens. There are many phone-free activities we can partake in such as people watching or popping in to see a friend that help to remind us of some of the more natural pleasures in life! Grabbing a coffee, making ourselves comfortable and trying to guess the stories of the people who pass us by can keep us amused for hours on end! Equally, having a quick, spontaneous catch up with an old friend will make us wish we had more time spare!

If you are lucky enough to find some free time, then have no qualms in keeping yourself amused in whatever way works best for you!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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