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Love Test: 3 Questions To Ask To See If You Have A Connection


As more things become quantifiable, the gap between data and gut feelings is becoming smaller. We’re getting more paranoid and calculating, especially when it comes to love.

Love and relationships have remained since the dawn of time, but as time moves on, we keep trying to figure out the formulae to them. Nowadays, the first dilemma you’ll find in a relationship is whether you have a connection. From when we meet someone, we are aware of the future and potential in a relationship. Relationships only go two ways:; they end or they last forever. If this gives you a bit of anxiety, here are three solid ‘love test’ questions you could ask your date to see if they might be worth a shot.

1) “How was your day?”

You can get a good view into the mindset of a person and how they approach life with this. Asking somebody to put a value on their day isn’t necessarily innocuous, especially if you’ve never met them before. They might add more detail to their description so that you understand where they come from a bit more. Once you see the balance of optimism and pessimism in their perspective, you can make a good judgement of character from there.

2) “What are your friends/family like?”

Being in a romantic relationship is closest in resemblance to relationships with family and friends. They all require trust, honesty, commitment, mutual understanding and consideration for the other person’s feelings. Getting your date to talk about friends will reveal how they handle certain personalities and give you an insight into what qualities they value most.

3) “Tell me a secret?”

This adds a bit of excitement and gentle pressure to a date. Asking them to reveal something is an intriguing love test because it is an invitation of vulnerability. What they reveal shows you what kind of things they like to keep private and for what reasons, how they have reacted to you as a person so far, and how they manage tricky situations in their lives. Of course, if they go for something sexual, take that as a hint that you’re on to a winner (depending on whether it scares you or not!)

The good thing about these questions is that they hide ulterior motives in plain sight. You’ll have no risk in seeming suspicious with these secret love test questions. The problem with going for more detailed questions is that they reveal too much of what you value, or makes you appear to base relationships on mutual interests – superficial things – rather than the personal qualities of somebody.

Remember someone can like all the same things as you and still be a bad person. Don’t be scared that your intentions are unromantic – if anything, your querying is only because you’re so interested. Also, don’t forget to have fun!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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