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Low Self-Esteem: Stop Putting Yourself Down.



Moments of low self-esteem hit everyone now and then, mostly out of a bad experience. The majority of the time we can get past them, but sometimes they tend to linger around us, not only filling us with self-doubt but making us fearful of striking out again in case of another blow to our confidence. Fretting on the negative is no way to live our lives, especially when there are so many other productive uses of our time!
Here are 3 reasons to stop putting yourself down:

Try on a different pair of shoes

If you heard a friend or loved one voicing the same insecurities what would you advise them? ‘Stop being so ridiculous, you are a beautiful, intelligent, strong woman!’ The negative jabs you give yourself will no doubt be just as unrealistic as if you heard them come from another’s mouth. Next time you have a self-doubt or are suffering from low self-esteem, think about what you would say to a friend – why would the advice be any different for you? If you can’t advise yourself, then shares your issues with someone close to you who will no doubt reassure you of how silly you are.

Who’s going to protect you?

Surprisingly, our own mind can be a merciless attacker of our self-esteem. The only problem is, when all the negativity comes from yourself, who’s going to be able to defend you? Unfortunately, people are not mind readers, so if you aren’t sticking up for yourself against the self-doubt nobody else will be able to either. You need to challenge your beliefs, if your mind has a nasty habit of churning up unpleasant hypothetical situations that leave you worrying for hours – stop them in their tracks. This will free up some of the time wasted on negative thoughts to be replaced with feelings that keep you positive.

You don’t have to

Stop putting yourself down, because you don’t have to. The time you spent fretting over whether your boss was pleased with your report could be time spent out planning your next holiday. If challenging those negative thoughts doesn’t work, then distract yourself with something that can take your mind off it. Choose something that you love – exercise, reality TV or meeting with friends. Keeping busy helps limit those moments where you have time to dwell on doubts you have, and when you are ready to deal with them, speaking to someone who can help you conquer them could banish them once and for all.

If you feel you need someone to speak to about low self-esteem and challenging your negative self- belief, then our Pink Moods life coaches, and problem solving videos are on hand to guide your through the process.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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