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Motivation – How to make yourself motivated again


Staying motivated can be taxing, and when motivation drops we tend to accept it rather than panic. We all know what it’s like to enter a slump and not know how to get out.

Slumps are often temporary, but your mindset at this point tricks you into thinking it’s permanent. You start feeling a bit hopeless and like you’re not good enough [Why do we feel inadequate?], but this is a lie. Everybody hits low points, and it makes the high ones taste even sweeter.

Here are some tips on how to stay motivated and work your way out of that slump:

One step at a time

Motivation is hard to find if the goal seems too great. Looking at how much further you want to go can be deceiving, when achievement is about one step at a time. Split your goals into manageable chunks [Join our goal setting network]. Concentrate on process and progress instead of the overall goal. Perspective can play a great part in believing something is possible.

Get inspired

Look for idols and stories related to what you want to achieve. Focus on the struggles of their story and don’t forget how overcoming struggle is how to get to the places that these people reached. Keeping pictures and quotes on your person or in important places, from your fridge to your calendar to your laptop monitor, can help you stay motivated. Thanks to the internet, inspiring stories shouldn’t be hard to find or expensive to invest in.

Create a community

Get people to join you in a challenge to improve. The more people you have on your side, the easier it feels psychologically to achieve. Motivation can come from the social element, like feelings of belonging and giving purpose to what you want to do. These days, we have a thriving culture of togetherness in order to overcome something. We see it in adverts, hear it in popular songs and are encouraged to join in by charity drives and initiatives. Community is a big deal today. Find like-minded people who want to join you [Pink Moods Community].

Dress it up

Sometimes we need to be tactical to make the harder tasks more appealing. Match them with something pleasing. If it’s about going to the gym, buy new workout gear [shop - sports clothing].

If it’s about aiming for a promotion, make a colourful and creative visual board or decorate your filofax. Set up a rewards scheme for yourself to motivate you to overcome the humps in your journey to success. Even when broken down, the path to achievement isn’t always even. Try and make yourself as least downhearted by this as possible.

Don’t get angry with yourself

Negative emotions lead to negative thoughts [The reasons that you should avoid these negative words]. Allowing anger to affect you can affect your performance. You start looking at things less realistically or helpfully and break concentration. All of this will deplete your motivation.

Channel the energy of these emotions into further work and erase all negative thinking. Progress is progress, and if it takes longer in certain parts of the journey, at least you’re still moving forward. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to get better and better, maybe slow down progress to ease the mental fatigue and stress.

Value discipline

The people who reach the highest know the struggle of enjoying everything you do every day. Sometimes that isn’t possible. You need to learn to love the feeling of achievement more than the achievement itself to push past obstacles. Motivation is strengthened by discipline. Keep your routine strict by the day and adjust it to make sure you stick to it. Crossing things off the list should give you the most joy if you want to stay motivated. The love of what you do becomes more important the further you go.

Celebrate yourself

Why be motivated if you aren’t going to be proud of what you achieve? When you reach a milestone, be enthusiastic in celebrating, even if it feels like an overreaction. This is what keeps you moving forward. Success breeds success, and that’s key to motivation.

Motivation is hard for everyone and we’re all capable of losing it. Staying on track relies on you not comparing yourself to others too much. You’re only human. Be kind to yourself and don’t try and create fantasies in your head about how success feels and tastes. It can get dirty, it can get difficult and it can be debilitating, but it’s completely worth it!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.