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15 ways to escape negative energy in your life


As much as we may try to fill our lives with positive things, it is almost impossible to never run into a situation or person who gives you negative energy. Whilst we might wish that we could click our fingers and the negativity would disappear, unfortunately it is not always that simple and we might just to have to find ways to manage it.

Here are 15 ways to help you escape from the negative energy in your life:

1. Take control

No amount of negative energy can change your life if you don’t allow it to have an effect on you. Trying to seek out the positive and leaving your negative emotions in the past will stop bad energy from staying for too long in your life.

2. Distance yourself

Whether you create distance between yourself and another, or try to avoid a negative situation, the most effective escape from bad energy is through keeping your contact with it to a minimum.

3. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to physically distract yourself from the negativity you might feel in your life and helps you feel positive and motivated about something productive. Not to mention the little boost to your confidence it can give!

4. Go for a walk

It is easy to feel as though negativity can take over your life and when we allow this to happen it only exaggerates the cause for it. Going for a walk and focusing yourself [13 ways to stay focused] in the present moment and what is going on outside of that situation can help you put it into perspective.

5. Share your feelings

Sharing your feelings truly helps to release them and that is why as women we take comfort in going to our friends for consolidation. This same feeling can apply with negative energy; by sharing with your friends the cause of the negativity it can help to free yourself from it. You can find many women doing this now in the Pink Moods Community!

6. Challenge it

If possible, try to find the silver lining in every negative situation you encounter. You can live a life free of negativity if you are able to find the positive within it.

7. Be around positive people

Perhaps one thing in your life is causing negativity, however this does not mean that you cannot try to feel positive in all other aspects of your life. Surrounding yourself with positive people [5 behavioural traits of positive women] in positive situations can help counteract that negative energy so that it does not have such a profound effect on you.

8. Don’t engage

You could have a work colleague who is particularly pessimistic and angry and you find that you always come away from them feeling anxious and down because you have internalised their negative emotions. Just because there is negativity around you does not mean that you have to feel it.

9. Dilute the negative energy

If a particular person causes you negativity, try to be around that person only in a group of others. Similarly, if you are in a negative situation, try to tackle it as a team. The strength of that negativity is not nearly as powerful and unpleasant if you are able to face it with other people.

10. Find out what you can change

What can you change about the situation you are in, in order to stop feeling negative energy from it? Can you speak up against someone when you find him or her being offensive? Or can you try to change the pattern you are in so that you are no longer affected by that negative situation? If you have the power to change something about the situation, then do it.

11. Listen to music

There is no better way to change your mood than by listening to the perfect kind of music. If you are feeling negative energy then spend a few minutes away from the world by listening to your favourite song.

12. Meditate

Meditation can be useful for handling many different emotions and can be a great way of managing negative energy around you. It is used to let go of the negative energy around you and to be at peace with yourself so it is less likely to have an impact on how you feel.

13. Ask why

Why is there this negative energy in your life? Is there something you can help with? If you feel positive then you have the ability to make others feel that way too. If someone is giving off negative energy, then try to ask why that is and if you can do anything to help him or her.

14. Learn from it

You can learn a lot from negative experiences in your life, and the understanding you gain from what has affected you can help you protect yourself from it repeating in the future.

15. Stay positive

The most important thing to escape negative energy is to maintain your own positivity [7 ways to train your brain to be positive]!

Whatever is causing the negative energy in your life will pass with time, and as long as you handle it in the most positive way you can, then you limit the effect it is able to have.


Photo Credit: Copyright: ra2studio / 123RF Stock Photo

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