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Top tips for overcoming your nerves in an interview


The one conversation in our lives that provokes sweaty palms, nervous laughter and our heart beating at 100 miles a minute is the one we have in a job interview. Many of us will have felt the frustration of losing the ability to form simple sentences and seeming to forget every reason we had for being there.

So what is it about an interview that causes us so much stress? Here are some top tips for overcoming your nerves in an interview:

Preparation involves doing your research, planning your answers and forming your own opinions. But it is also important that you know your stuff before entering the interview. It is all well generating a superficial knowledge of a company and its values but in an interview situation if you do not have a deep understanding or some kind of passion for what you are discussing then this can cause your answers to be patchy.

You must also feel and know what you have learnt in order to demonstrate it most effectively in the interview. Under the pressure of an interview, if you have a deep knowledge of what you are talking about you are less likely to feel your nerves during the questions. The more confident you feel about the questions you are answering, the less likely you will be affected by nerves.

Minimise the unknown
If there are certain aspects of the interview you are unsure about or minor details that are causing you worry, then make the effort to address them before you enter the interview. The more you know about the structure of the interview the more you can focus on what you want to convey to those who are interviewing you and feel less worry about the unexpected details.

As difficult as it may be, rationalise the situation. You are meeting in a room with another person just like you that you are going to have a conversation with. This person doesn’t want to hurt, upset or scare you but only to try and seek the best out of you. The nerves you feel before your interview will probably feel unnecessary once you actually meet the person that is interviewing you!

Ask questions
Asking your interviewer questions about the job and at the beginning not only shows you are interested in the company but also gives you time to gather your thoughts together and calm your nerves. Sometimes we try to regurgitate all of the information we have stored, but giving ourselves a moment’s pause can give us time to provide the best answers to questions possible. An interview is the same as any other conversation you might have, which is why small talk about sharing small bits of information is a natural and acceptable thing to do.

Avoid a stressful journey
The journey to your interview is a huge part in contributing to your nerves. Giving yourself 1 minute to spare before the interview will mean your adrenaline is pumping and your thoughts will be disorganised. Always arrive with enough time to gather your thoughts and focus on the interview ahead of you. Having a stressful journey means that when we arrive at the interview we will likely be focusing on the fact that we have had a bad journey, as opposed to focusing solely on the interview.

As long as you are yourself and know you have a passion for a company then this will shine through regardless of your nerves. Any interviewer will be well prepared for any nerves potential candidates might have and will understand that it demonstrates how important the role is to them. Remember to visit the New Job eBook to find that job that’s perfect for you.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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