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Why you have the power to overcome any obstacle


Examining obstacles

When working with my clients in my coaching practice I recognise and have seen again and again that we face countless obstacles on a daily basis. When we think of an obstacle we can generally agree it is something that is against us, something impeding us or something that is stopping us from moving forward. On reflection I believe we all experience one common obstacle regularly and that is fear. A fact we can be sure of is that fear comes in many guises amidst steadfast friends such as worry and doubt, with insecurity frequently being our deepest internal block. Our insecurities can be anything such as ageing, our weight, how attractive we look and feel or lacking confidence in our abilities. The simple truth is that these insecurities create blocks which subtlety impedes our loving and living.

When seeking an understanding of obstacles we must first recognise that it is not always tangible. On the contrary we can usually feel it, sense it, and yet not see it with our physical eyes. It is in cases like this that it is useful to assess the obstacle for what it is, before defining what is truly blocking you.

Your 5 greatest inner powers

It saddens me to say; we live in a society that makes us believe that we are powerless always misdirecting us to look for external validation instead of turning to our power within. Yet, we all have constant access to inner tools that supports us when overcoming obstacles.

Here are 5 tools that build inner power:

Intuition – how many times have you had a gut feeling about something and ignored it only to find out later that your hunch was right. Taking the time to cultivate and trust our intuition creates a core internal power that allows us to find the right solutions to problems.

Self-Love – learning to love and accept ourselves unconditionally builds inner resilience and strength enabling us to withstand life’s challenges. If you need some support in discovering who you are and building resilience visit our self discovery section for some light hearted ebooklets.

Forgiveness – releasing and breaking the mental prisons that hinder us and letting go creates inner peace giving us positive energy to face life’s blocks.

Gratitude – when genuinely grateful we tap into a tremendous force that changes our internal vibration instantly dissolving negatives feelings as well as increasing self-confidence.

Serving Others – We are here to share, teach each other and be of service. When we stand in a place of humility asking what can I do for you today and do it with love and appreciation we step outside of ourselves dissipating the unhelpful energies strengthening the truth within ourselves.

Why you are your only true obstacle

On examination it is often proven that a major obstacle to our progress is our thoughts and emotions. Yet how easy is it to remove these internal hurdles, to stop and look at the reflection in the mirror acknowledging that you are the obstacle; that you have allowed it to seep into your heart, your mind, and your soul, into your hopes and dreams. This takes courage and begins in the place of acceptance and responsibility.

Whenever you light a candle you eliminate the illusion of darkness. The same can be said when we take the time to nurture ourselves, to love ourselves, to forgive and move on, to be grateful for all that we have, to nurture our intuition and create space for peace, joy, love and laughter, we build inner strength that permits us the grace to shatter an area of illusion by illuminating our truth from within.

An obstacle can be a gentle reminder that something needs to change and that it is time to turn within to eliminate on an area of illusion or darkness in our lives. I see obstacles as a wonderful opportunity to teach me something, helping me to focus on what is important and to understand who I am.


Angela Gordon

Angela Gordon is a Transformational Empowerment Coach, public speaker and the founder and director of Active Inspiration inspiring women and business for over 16 years After a major life challenge and having suffered with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and lacked confidence in key areas of her own life Angela began to take charge and spent a number of years studying counselling, coaching and participating on an intensive programme of self-awareness and self-empowerment. Angela is passionate about positive psychology and is an in-demand personal coach and inspirational teacher who inspires and communicates with great energy, passion, humour and grace, sharing her experience with breath taking openness and honesty. Angela practices what she teaches and is a dedicated source of inspiration who encourages all she meets to see the good in themselves and be the very best they can be. Specialising in Confidence and Empowerment Coaching Angela holds Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching (NCFE), Introduction and Foundation in Counselling (NOCN) and Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB) and Diploma in Sociology.


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