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Proven strategies to overcome adversity


Nobody seeks adversity, but even the most undeserving people will cruelly face it. From debilitating health conditions and illnesses, to bereavement, and financial crises to acrimonious divorces, between a group of randomly selected people you are bound to talk to somebody who overcame adversity. Coping in troubled times is the most difficult thing to do, yet you find most people’s survival instincts kick in. When people hit rock bottom, their jerk reaction isn’t to give up. Some strategies however are better than others, and these are the best that you can undertake to overcome adversity:

The Relationship Method

When something breaks down in the face of adversity, something needs to be built up again to counteract it. When you lose a friend, a partner or a relative, it’s good to find a new relationship to help you deal with your loss. The operative word is ‘relationship’: it can be someone you talk to on your commute, at work, in the gym, in a pub, etc. They don’t have to replace somebody, but mean something to you on their own terms. Social interaction and reaching out to others helps to distract your from your personal issues but also exercise them with someone who comes from different perspective and relation to you. There’s so much to learn when you open yourself up to meeting other people. If this is not as easy as it sounds then you could start by sharing your thoughts in our community with others who may have been there too and if you haven’t much spare time to get out and about at the moment.

Visible Resilience

It’s highly unrecommended to tough it out and face adversity alone. It’s important to allow yourself to be emotional and vulnerable to let out all ill thoughts you have, and also to surround yourself with kindness. It is important however to maintain a resilient face when dealing with your adversity publicly. This is possibly the only instance where not showing weakness is acceptable, because it sends a message that you can’t and won’t be beaten by your struggles. Harness your strength in private to be put to full use in public. [Resilience: Building resources for emotional wellbeing and strength]

The Charity Method

A good way to forgive and let go of any wrongdoing or negativity you face when overcoming adversity is to be kind to others. Focussing your efforts on those less fortunate is a proven strategy for dealing with your own troubles. You pay forward the wrongs done to you by turning them into rights, passing positive energy forward that helps others rather than hinders them. It can get you back into the right frame of mind to fight your way out of adversity.


Acceptance is a powerful tool in dealing with adversity, because it contextualises it away from the present and places it amongst all the other events in your life. By remembering other times when you overcame obstacles, you begin to trace your journey into how you became you. Through this understanding, you can accept all the peaks and troughs of your life and continue to live in the face of inevitable challenges that will come your way in the future. [Why you have the power to overcome any obstacle] 

The Channelling Method

You can fester a lot of anger and negative energy when overcoming adversity. [Mantras to follow when you are feeling mad with someone] Instead of letting it take over you, channel it into other areas of your life. Use this energy to bolster you and make the best of what you have control over and can change for the better. The focus you put on bringing other parts of your life up will cancel out the damage of what came crashing down.

Health and Wellbeing

A strategy best undertaken at an early stage, looking after your health and wellbeing is a great way to preempt any tempting vices that temporarily take the pain away when dealing with adversity. Working on your diet, fitness, sleep and mental health can also help to improve your general mood and disposition, which is worsened by fatigue. [8 habits of the sleep deprived]

Positive Internal Voice

Also important to do at as early stage as possible is to silence your negative voice and replace it with a positive one. [The reasons that you should avoid these negative words] Times of adversity is when the negative voice can be at its most powerful, but you are already going through enough at the mercy of life and other people without punishing yourself also. Tell yourself everyday why you love yourself and are proud of yourself, even if it feels forced and contrived at first. Getting used to the idea of loving yourself, in a society which doesn’t often praise such a quality, is a good start for overcoming adversity. You explore the ideas of why you deserve to overcome adversity, thinking beyond your instinctive human need to.

The Plan Method

A common strategy employed for overcoming adversity is ‘starting new’. While the idea of embracing a new start is positive in itself, it often is pursued with a lack of planning and a lack of direction, causing the new start to derail very quickly. Instead of calling it a ‘new start’, call it a ‘new plan’. [Annual life review] Get the same excitement for starting afresh by drafting and creating a plan to achieve a certain goal or reach a level of satisfaction in areas of your life and put that plan everywhere. [The power of visualisation in making your dreams come true]  Stick on the fridge, on your desk, in the car, in your purse, on your mirrors… everywhere. Never let yourself forget your plans for the future, because despite your troubles, you always have a future.


The most simple of the strategies but the least talked about is having fun. Enjoyment can be an emotion that can cause guilt when overcoming adversity. If you’re going through a tough time, you feel as though you should act like it. Enjoyment can be a great healer and help you get through adversity quicker. Allow yourself to embrace and enjoy the fun moments in life and let them remind you of why life is worth. Join now and  Download our happiness and confidence planner to give you a head start.

Adversity is something you naturally as a human want to overcome, but it is good to contemplate how and why you are overcoming it. Allow yourself to ruminate deeply on how life got to this point and the lessons you learned, then use these strategies to counter this low point. As hard as life is, it always moves on, and you can too if you give yourself your best chance against adversity.


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