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Effective ways to help reduce stress


Stress seems to be a feeling that we are increasingly accepting of within our daily lives – despite the vast negative effects it can have if it is experienced chronically.

Reducing your daily stress is absolutely crucial to protecting yourself against it developing into something more serious; all you need are effective ways to help manage it.

The danger of stress
Due to the fact we are able to continue our life to some degree when we experience stress, many of us think it is an inevitable eventuality of having a busy lifestyle. However, stress can be a vulnerability that leaves you open to developing physical and mental conditions, which can have a great effect upon your lifestyle and make you wish you had dealt with it earlier.

Along with symptoms such as high blood pressure and headaches, stress can also trigger anxiety [5 key triggers of anxiety] and other mental effects. We can see stress start to affect our lives when we lose the ability to keep control of everything in it. The more strain we are put under, the more likely we are to miss the finer details and for your sake, as well as your health, it is important to find ways to help deal with it.

Exercise has been found to be an extremely useful way of reducing stress. Exercise releases endorphins that can help improve your mood and make you feel happier [How to feel happier today…], which can be great to keep on top of your negative emotions and helps to relieve your stressed feelings in a positive way. It also can give you focus and distract yourself from your stress in order to allow your mind to rest. Not to mention how good you’ll look if you keep at it!

Meditation can be a great opportunity to shut your mind off to stress and put your priorities into perspective. It allows you to observe what is stressing you objectively without feeling the emotion that comes with it. Doing this could help you find reasonable solutions to deal with your stresses without it becoming too overwhelming.

As your responsibilities increase throughout your life, your ability to organise them must also develop. If you are not able to cope with the changes in your life, this is when stress starts to set in and we start to lose control of things. Stress can be helped by strategically organising your life to avoid coming into situations that you know will result in you feeling anxious.

This could be completing deadlines early at work [Putting things right at work] or saving up in advance for an expensive holiday. By planning your day-to-day activities you will know what you are capable of achieving and so this should subdue your stress towards it. You can start organising your life by visiting the ‘Organise Me’ section of the website.

If you are unable to take control of the stressful situations in your life then it is in your best interests to remove them from your life. If going into work each day leaves you with a sense of dread and starts to leak into your personal life, then this should be a sign that you should look for something elsewhere that makes you happier.

Although we might even feel stressed in relation to the things we love sometimes, you have a much better chance of being able to deal with it if you have a passion about it being in your life. If something only impacts you negatively and has a detrimental effect on your health, then do something about it [The benefit of letting go of negative thinking…]!

If you need any more guidance on how to cope with your stressful problems, visit Video Moods and listen to inspiring advice from some of our expert life coaches to boost you up whenever you need it.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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