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Signs that you are not taking care of yourself emotionally


Emotions for some reason are considered detached from other problems with the self, even though they are very much a part of it. The advice of ‘get over it’ or ‘pull yourself together’ rarely works, because our psychological make-up is much more complex than that. Our brain is an organ – its health needs to be monitored just like the others. Here are some signs that your emotions aren’t being looked after like they should be.

Physical wounds

Emotional health has the problem of not being regarded in the same way as physical health. We tend to treat physical issues immediately and ignore the emotional ones. But what happens when you start ignoring the physical ones too? Scrapes and bumps will come from daily life, but when you start excusing some injuries as ‘not a big deal’ or brushing off medical attention, you aren’t placing enough value on yourself. Emotionally, you are at a low point, because you have made other situations not only more important than your happiness, but more seriously your physical health. Neglecting injuries like cuts, small sprains and strains or illnesses means they can develop into something more threatening. Don’t put yourself at risk.


Emotions are inextricably linked to well-being. If you’re tired, at an unhealthy weight, feeling sick or overly stimulated, it can make you feel awful and at its worst lead to mental illnesses such as depression. Keep a balanced and healthy diet, get regular exercise and be wary of your use of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs.

Keeping secrets

Emotional health benefits from sharing your feelings regularly with other people. You can bring problems to light and get advice to solving them, release any mental overload that has built over time and be comforted in knowing you’re not dealing with anything without some form of support or outlet. When you start hiding your feelings, you make this more difficult. Your emotions become harder to handle and the lack of a second opinion means you are more prone to making irrational or unreasonable decisions. Remember you’re not bothering anybody if you merely share your feelings, if you feel that there are some things that you can’t share easily, or that people around you may not understand, then share your thoughts anonymously in our community or share it in a visual for feedback and support via Pink Moods Art. 

Going through the motions

Your daily routine is so rigid, there’s no room for flexibility or change, even though these factors are an inevitable part of life. You stick to what you know and can go through the day because it helps you actually get through it. This isn’t a good sign. If enjoyment isn’t on your agenda because it feels like a nuisance or complication, you will become more and more unhealthy emotionally. Eventually, your emotions will worsen to the point that your routine isn’t completed as effectively as it should be. People start responding to you negatively or take advantage of you. Take time to mix up one element of your routine. Add a weekly event for your enjoyment and make full use of any holiday you are entitled to, with or without children. Use our digital organisers and download our checklists to plan something better in your life. Find reasons to like life, not just to get through it.


Your emotions are so high they cloud your judgement and affect social interaction. The slightest critique makes you upset and prompts you to reveal a detailed list on why what you are doing is right. You feel you’re doing the best you can under the emotional pressure, that when people don’t appreciate it, you break down. The problem often is that these people don’t understand your emotional problems or haven’t been made aware of them. [The emotional economy: Reasons why we lose our self esteem]

Emotions are your property and your responsibility. Other people can’t help you or make accommodation for you if you make no attempt to help yourself. Look after your emotions and take the steps to keep them well-managed, and everything else in life will seem to slot into place a lot easier. If you think you may have signs of more serious mental health problems, seek medical advice and treatment immediately.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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