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Start to feel happy by trying this for 6 weeks


Being happy feels harder than it should be sometimes. You can a great job, loving family and supportive friends but always feel like something’s missing. It’s not your fault: it’s the way we’re taught how to be happy. As we grow older, we gain different ideas of how to be happy, when the pressures of keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads get the better of us. If you’ve been feeling under the weather, here are five simple changes you can make to your daily routine. We can guarantee by six weeks you will increase your happiness.

Smile for no reason

Getting ready, commuting, eating, working, doing the chores, cooking… whatever we’re tackling on a given day, sometimes we tackle it with too serious a mindset. Instead of being focused on your day, take time to enjoy the moments. If you’re in a normal, arbitrary mood, choose to smile even if it doesn’t come naturally. The more you choose to smile, the better you’ll feel. [The best quotes to cheer you up]

Gratitude list

An often recommended method for increasing happiness, choose a part of the day to write a list of points that you’re grateful for. It can be when you wake up or just before you go to sleep, but focusing on what you have rather than what you haven’t can ease your conscience and soothe your stresses. Follow our guide to writing a gratitude list here . [Gratitude list: Why you should write one]

Make plans

One of the best emotions to complement happiness is excitement. If you’ve been down in the dumps, give yourself something to look forward to. Plan a holiday, date night or party for the future to motivate you in the days. Giving yourself something to organise, be it bookings, food orders, flights or entertainment, can distract you from the minor things that upset you.

Pay it forward

Happiness isn’t a selfish emotion. Having everything the world can offer you doesn’t guarantee eternal happiness, but giving someone something to be happy about can be the most enriching feeling. Offering to pay for someone’s drink, helping someone with their bags or giving a compliment are simple actions to take, but their effect can last a long time.

Don’t skip meals, breaks or sleep

Unhappiness stems from ill health. If you’re tired, hungry or stressed, your body will react negatively. As tempting as it can be, don’t deprive yourself of the meals, sleep and breaks you need in a day. A healthy body results in a healthy mind.

Being happy is simple when you rethink what being happy means [new ideas: The introductions that can change your life]. Superficial successes and possessions give instant gratification but lasting happiness comes from caring for and loving yourself and others. If you need further help with increasing your happiness, we can help you with our happiness and confidence planner.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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