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How to turn your weaknesses into strengths

strengths and weaknesses

The idea of turning a weakness into a strength sounds illogical. We all have our flaws and limitations. Nobody can be perfect, but trying to turn weaknesses into strengths sounds like attempting perfection. Shouldn’t we instead be aiming to accept our weaknesses as they are?

On the contrary; accepting them actually forms part of turning them into strengths. Confused? Read on.

Defining weaknesses and strengths

What qualifies as a strength or a weakness can vary greatly. They can be temporary or permanent, emotional or physical, intuitive or learned. Putting your strengths and weaknesses into smaller categories can be helpful to you. It shows you which weaknesses can be improved on, which weaknesses can be turned into something useful, and which weaknesses won’t last forever. Encouraging yourself to have a more positive outlook [5 Powerful Positive Affirmations.] is key to tackling your weaknesses. It’s about acknowledging them and finding ways to progress forwards with them.

Feel your weaknesses

When we identify something that makes us feel weak – from break-ups [Getting Over a Breakup: Don’t Obsess Over Your Ex!], to maths, to long-distance running – we tend to retract from it defensively. The shame attached to it means we try and block our weaknesses out of our lives, whereas that can make us weaker. Turning weakness into strength in this case means identifying our capabilities and attaining a stronger mentality from them. The phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ comes to mind.

Don’t be afraid to cry after a break-up, but try and feel the strength and resilience from not being ashamed of crying. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with maths, but try and feel the strength in knowing your ability and wanting to improve. Don’t be afraid to be slower than others at running, but try and feel the strength in all the benefits you’re getting from exercise.

You know your strengths and weaknesses the best

Being honest with yourself is about seeing the reality of what you can achieve, but that isn’t always about lessening expectations. Sometimes others will tell you things about your weaknesses that simply aren’t true. They might be jealous, or they might not pay enough attention to your needs, but for whatever reason they do this, they narrow your mindset. They’ll make you feel useless, as if there’s only one way to get success, when really they can be just as wrong as you are and aren’t seeing the bigger picture. Weaknesses don’t define you but encourage you to try other pathways to the same destination. We often hear about the most successful people in the world overcoming adversity. Sometimes hitting the greatest heights means overcoming the greatest obstacles.

Weakness is an opportunity for you to make your life better. Focusing on your strengths keeps you positive but it limits you in your achievements, tricking you into staying at a standstill when you could be moving forward. Confronting weakness means opening yourself up to new ideas and creative thinking in order to overcome it. You can turn weakness into serious strength that you never knew you possessed.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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